At this time, with routines being shaken up and usual go to pick-me-ups limited, looking after our mental wellbeing couldn’t be more important. The term ‘mindfulness’ is often used when referring to mental wellbeing, as a mindful state is defined as being calm and in the moment, something which we could all do with a bit more of! 

Creating a home space that promotes mindfulness and evokes a sense of calm is a great place to start when bringing mindful thinking into your daily routine. Luckily, there are a number of simple ways this can be achieved.

The use of colour

Firstly, think about colour. Which colours promote calm and tranquillity to you? For many, colours that provide a connection to nature are the most mindful. Green and blue shades are those most frequently seen within nature, so can bring an element of the outdoors into a busy living space.

Bringing natural tones into a home is an effective reminder to slow down and consider the greater world surrounding you.

Utilise different textures

Secondly, consider the materials you are surrounded by. Creating a mindful home means forming a space that is both soothing and comforting, so soft, tactile pieces are perfect for this. Simply adding a fleecy throw or comfortable cushion to a sofa, for example, can instantly make the space seem cosier and more soothing.

Natural materials are also perfect for a mindful home. Rattan and wicker have been extremely popular this spring, and are both great choices for promoting wellbeing. Natural wooden materials in general, as with the colours mentioned above, will forge a connection to nature and bring the outdoors into a space.

Fishpools curtain and accessories

Incorporate accessories

Lastly, accessories can be added for a quick and simple way to boost a space’s mindful qualities. Iridescent materials are on trend for this season and they are perfect for promoting calm within a space with their reflective, light boosting properties. They also evoke the image of crystals, which many of us associate with balance and clarity.

Live plants are also key, as, as mentioned, bringing the outdoors into your home can easily promote mindfulness, and there’s no better way to bring nature into your home than will real nature!