Don’t put the garden design of your dreams off any longer. Now is the perfect time to begin creating a design plan so you can make the most of those heated summer months, while enjoying garden furniture pieces that are durable enough to last through winter.

Of course, the tricky part of bringing your vision to life is knowing where to start. Well, we’re here to help you on that journey, taking you through garden ideas step-by-step so you can get a comprehensive plan that’s right for you, your personal tastes and your outdoor space.

Choose durable garden seating

Having a comfortable place to sit and marvel at the great outdoors is one of the most important places to begin with your garden design ideas. However, this outdoor environment can present new challenges.

A lot of people think they must compromise on style and go rather minimalist in their approach because they assume that being open to the elements means that anything too fancy will end up having its shine taken just as the sun goes down. However, that doesn’t need to be the case.

Rattan furniture, for instance, manages to balance its incredible durability, including waterproof furnishings, with a style worthy of any gorgeous space.

Speaking of space, another great thing about rattan options is that they come in a variety of shapes and sizes, including sofas, chairs, sun loungers and even day beds. This not only means that you can find a perfect option to fit into your garden, but also one versatile enough to make optimal use of your views and natural sunlight.

Consider going for several smaller pieces of furniture instead of one or more larger options to work with a small garden design. Not only will this make positioning easier but will also mean that you don’t impose too much on the rest of you garden, as open spaces are amongst its most elegant virtues.

Of course, if you do have the room, by all means, go for the larger seating pieces. After all, if you’ve got it, flaunt it.

Create a welcoming dining area

There are few things as heavenly as al fresco dining. A great example of how you can craft a dining area around your garden is the Mauritius range. The corner seating design is not only suitable for a range of different spaces, but its rising table can also create different experiences, taking you from a light lunch to a sit-down evening meal.

So, it’s not just how much room you have, it’s also the kind of dining experience you think you’ll want to enjoy in your garden. For that lighter option, the former example would be perfect positioned near the kitchen where food can be easily transported, perhaps on the decking overlooking the rest of the garden, while the latter could utilise a little additional distance.

These are just suggestions, as we understand that all gardens are different, but you can see the amount of options that are available to you. One thing we will say is that however you choose to go forward, picking a quality brand like Mauritius is vital to keeping your garden maintenance easy and fuss-free.

Discover great garden ideas for lighting

It’s time to start bringing all of this together, to quite literally illuminate all the hard work you’ve put into your garden design so far. The importance of suitable garden lighting ideas is something that is so often overlooked but remains one of the most important in turning your garden design into a true showstopper.

There are all kinds of great outdoor lighting options, such as the Vibe LED ice bucket speaker. As its name suggests, this is three wonderfully contemporary additions in one handy package. With speaker functions to set the musical tone in your garden, an ice bucket to keep your drinks cool and an atmospheric LED light to beautifully brighten up your outdoor space, it has all your summer relaxation needs covered.

Other lighting options include wall and post lanterns to table lights, hanging lights and more, with each having their own advantages. For example, wall and post lanterns are practical and don’t take up any unnecessary room. A table light can quite literally shine a spotlight on your dining area and make it feel truly special, while hanging lights are not only practical but can reach otherwise dark areas of your garden.

Prepare for all weather

We’ve mentioned this over and over again and we’re going to reiterate the point here. As lovely as your garden design looks, you are still exposed to the elements. While this might not seem that big of a problem in the scenic summer months, come winter, it will be an issue if you don’t take that into account as part of your garden design.

This means buying quality, weather-resistant garden furniture, such as rattan pieces, in order to keep your garden looking great for years to come. On top of that, there are also steps you can take to ensure that your garden can still be enjoyed in all weather. After all, even in the summer months, occasionally the British weather can let us down.

Options for keeping you warm in your garden all year round include things like fire pits. The Oyster Bay square royal corner bench set with fire pit is the ideal solution for taking you from laid back daytime dining to evening entertaining by the fire.

Other protective additions to your garden include parasols, storage boxes and covers to stop you, your items and furnishings from getting wet.

All this adds up to a wonderfully low-maintenance garden. You can’t predict the weather, but you can ensure your gorgeous new garden is fully prepared for it.