Clever lighting can completely change the feel of your home. Taking the time to choose the right light solutions is a worthwhile investment, but it can be tricky to know where to start. We’re here to take the hassle out of lighting up your home with our handy guide to the radiant world of lighting design for 2020.

From contemporary lighting to trend lighting, we live for clever light design. Look no further than our useful guide to help you make the right choices when lighting up your living space this season.

On-trend table lamps

A firm favourite in our top lighting trends for 2019, Edison bulbs infuse your home with warm tones and a retro feel. Combine them with unique lighting solutions to bring original style and a cosy feel to your home as the evenings draw in.

Edison bulbs are a mainstay in luxury lighting designs. They come into their own in rooms such as studies or bedrooms where a bold-yet-comfortable vibe is often desired. Use them with modern designer lighting to create a sleek look – they’re an excellent choice for bedside tables thanks to the soft light they give off.

Textured and brass light designs also share the spotlight this season. Fusing modern lines with antique finishes is on-trend this season. Adopt the look by opting for a modern brass table lamp, an ideal way to create an intriguing focal point in any room.

Keep up with lighting trends for 2020 by introducing a textured table lamp or two into your home. The pleated shade on our Madeira table lamp is a sleek example of how to achieve a fashionable look without compromising on elegance or quality.

Fashion-forward floor lamps

Stay ahead of the latest lighting trends for floor lamps and opt for rustic looks, matte finishes and statement styles this season. A floor lamp exuding rustic charm will add style and substance to your home. Try positioning your floor lamp in the corner of your lounge to create a cosy reading nook, or in a bedroom to create a warm, inviting feel.

Rustic style can also be sleek. Lamps featuring an industrial design and antique finish make for fantastic fashion statements this season. When fitted with Edison bulbs, they also provide softer light and a refined vintage feel in a multitude of rooms.

Matte-finish designer floor lamps fit the bill for brilliant contemporary lounge lighting. When placed in strategic points around a room, they radiate inviting light and act as a sleek addition to your home.

Statement floor lamps infuse rooms with bold and beautiful style, and can also make a practical addition to your home. Floor lamps with adjustable heads mean you can direct light exactly where you need it.

Sensational ceiling lamps

The main role of ceiling lamps is to provide general lighting throughout your home. When ceiling lighting is done well, it can transform the look of your home. This season, it’s all about oversized and pendant light designs, sculptural styles and exposed cords.

Trend setters for 2020 come in the form of glossy chrome finishes and sublime curves, creating a futuristic feel this season while also providing a burst of light in darker spaces.

Ceiling pendants can also be used to create a warmer, more intimate glow in your home. Consider a pendant design with a matte black finish fitted with a warm white bulb to bathe your room in golden light and create a beautiful contrast.

Sculptural ceiling lamps are a brilliant way to make a statement in larger spaces. Designs incorporating bold shapes and multiple bulbs can be used to add a unique edge to your home and create a playful lighting effect.

Exposed cord is a winning choice in terms of trend lighting this season. The focus is firmly on lighting solutions that fuse vintage style with a contemporary finish. Take the look one step further by opting for a pendant lamp design to create an intimate yet eye-catching effect with a vintage twist.

Brass finishes and Edison bulbs complement table lamps with style, and they’re also a popular choice with ceiling lamps this season. Look out for lighting solutions that blend antique brass finishes with multiple Edison bulbs to add a vintage feel to your decor.

Find your ideal interior lighting

Updating your home with fashionable light designs has never been so enjoyable! If our guide has awoken your inner interior designer, head to our beautiful store and browse the array of stunning lighting solutions on offer. Our experts are more than happy to give you any advice or style tips you may need to give your home the glow-up it deserves!