Curling up on the sofa never gets old. With the arrival of the cooler autumnal months, seek sanctuary on your best sofa yet.

The family sofa isn’t just the favourite, stand-out feature of your living room. Its where modern life unfolds. From entertaining friends, lounging with loved ones to peaceful downtime alone, it’s a multifunctional masterpiece.

Whatever your mood, the weather or the occasion, your sofa is often the first spot you’re drawn to. An essential room addition, but even more so in autumn. With a seasonal shift towards shorter days and colder weather, getting cosy on the best sofa becomes even more important.

Switching up your space can be a daunting task, so we’ve got everything you need to know to create your most soothing sofa spot yet. Find the sofa and the expert tips to shake up your living room to match your style and needs.

Best Sofa for Ultimate Cosiness

Morgan Corner – designed for modern living. Discover thick, plump cushioning for a comfortable and supportive place to rest. The generous sizing, including corner sofas and standard sofas, makes for plenty of room for all the family to curl up and relax.

Cosy grey Morgan corner from Fishpools

Monza Fabric recliner – with soft, luxurious fabrics, a firm backrest and recliner options the Monza fabric sofas make for premium relaxation. Find the perfect size and customise the body fabric to match your other furniture.

Grey recliner fabric sofa, Monza, with bright cushions

Cirrus – stylish, cosy and completely customisable. From 2 seater sofas to large corner sofas, designed in luxuriously soft fabrics. Instantly update your space for a designer look without compromising on supreme comfort.  

Large blue fabric sofa with bright cushions from Fishpools

What Style Trends are Good for Autumn?

Statement Cushions

Autumnal style should put your cosiness first. The best way to sink into comfort is with extra plump cushioning. Soft cushions create an adult den of total relaxation, so the more the better.

Bright yellow cushion behind laptop and coffee

The look can also serve practical bonuses too. The right aesthetic choice can connote the mood you’re hoping to achieve. For laid-back, optimum zen, think about neutral colours, like soft pink, greens or yellow that powerfully create an atmosphere induced with calm. It’s a recipe for success that the Danish Hygge culture always swears by.

Bring the Outdoors Indoors

You might not be making direct changes to your sofa but including peaceful plants in your living space can actually have an effect on your mood, and thus, your relaxing me-time.

Bamboo, Peace Lily’s or Spider Plants, the list goes on. They each have unique qualities that can add a much-needed sense of tranquillity. Propped on your coffee table or hung from your bookcase, they can make a charming room accessory that draws attention towards your sofa. Feel your mind soothe and your desire to lounge heighten as you escape into your indoor garden.

Change Up Your Textures

Textured fabric option in living room

For prime relaxation, your choice of sofa fabric needs to be considered. Sinking into your sofa should be welcomed with sumptuous material that’s soft to touch. Velvets and suedes are your go-to. These rich fabrics are inviting not only to lounge, but also as an enticing addition to your space. Fishpools stocks plenty of high-quality textured options. From the Consenza sofa to the Miami sofa, there’s plenty to choose from whatever your taste. 

Add a Throw

Preparing for the colder seasons means preparing for the worst (let’s be realistic). A throw is a simple addition that can have a tremendous impact on your cosiness levels. Choosing a thick, fluffy throw makes lounging on your sofa an indulgent treat. Gently let your throw fall over the top of your sofa, and if needs be, you can use it as a blanket to snuggle up to your loved ones.

When deciding what style to go for, muted tones work best. Your throw should simply accessorise your sofa and cleverly coordinate with your other furniture. The plush textures should create an enticing and serene atmosphere that you’ll never want to leave. 

Layer It Up

To get the most out of your family sofa, consider your surrounding furniture and how they can encourage your relaxation. When carefully considered, they make your life that touch easier. Add a footstool for a compact design that lets you recline in style. You can also use a coffee table that has special features to hold your hot drinks – it’s premium Hygge.

Living room set including fabric sofa and footstool

Try out this autumn trend for yourself – browse our latest selection of premium sofas online now or visit us in store.