Like most things in life, mistakes are common. Designing your dining room is no different. Yet, as the hub of the family home, your dining space needs to work for you and with you. We’re turning the tables on furniture guides and showing you what common mishaps you should avoid to nail your style the first time around.

The heart of your home, your dining room centres around family time. It isn’t just coffee-fuelled mornings and late-night conversations that your dining furniture needs to cater for. Homework club to party entertaining, it’s a multi-functional room that needs furniture that can maximise your lifestyle.  

“All I need is a bit of planning and a visit to the right furniture store, right?” That’s just a part of it. There are mistakes that a lot of people make when choosing their dining furniture that can be avoided.

The Dining Table Takes Over Your Room

Perhaps one of the most common oversights, and the one that can also make the biggest impact to your room. Not accurately sizing up your room before picking furniture can inevitably lead to an overcrowded room with little space move about.  

The Fishpools hack: Instead of dining chairs, consider a bench for your seating. The functional piece can be easily stored under the table to give you more floor space. Simply pull it out when you need it, like when you have extra guests over.

Modern dining furniture with bench

Maximise your space and practicality with an extendable dining table. Ideal for everyday dining as well as special occasions, you can easily extend to accommodate extra guests without any hassle.

Putting Comfort Second

We spend a large proportion of our days in our dining rooms. Although style and coordination are key, you shouldn’t forget about the comfort of your furniture.

The Fishpools hack: Look for dining chairs designed with high-quality cushioning. It can be hard to get the true feel for an item online, so why not test out the seats by visiting your local store.

However, if you’re not ready to part ways with your furniture just yet, you could try to add a thin cushion to your dining seat. Choose matching cushions that coordinate delicately with the rest of your interior.

Poorly Lit Room

A badly lit room can put you off spending time there. In your dining room, it’s easy to rely on your ceiling light to do all the work. It’s often harshly placed above the dining table and can overpower your other furniture.

The Fishpools hack: It’s important to have enough of the right kind of lighting to create the perfect ambience whatever your mood or occasion. To create the mood that matters, focus on the smaller lighting. Consider task lighting by your seating area and spotlights by your cabinets to bring depth and a cosy atmosphere.

Having Clutter Insight

Open shelves might seem like a clever addition, but it can take work to keep them neat and efficient. Cluttered shelves make it harder to find what you’re looking for and take away from your considered room design.

The Fishpools hack: Maximise your unique design with efficiency. Instead of ordering by size or colour, think about your lifestyle and needs. Consider how often you use each item and when you need them. Putting your needs first puts you in control and can make your morning rush feel more effortless than before.

Organised kitchen shelves

To rid your room of clutter, go for a seamless look with efficient drawers. Practical sideboards are ideal to store away your essentials whilst still giving the appearance of a tidy area.

Defining the Style Too Late

There are plenty of interior trends that your design scheme can follow. Rushing your interior and choosing without careful planning can leave to a mismatched room. The more chaotic your space is, the busier it will feel in your mind.

The Fishpools hack: Stay up to date on the latest interior trends by checking the latest reports and following knowledgeable influencers. Choose a style that reflects your personality as well as the mood you want your room to radiate.

Plan out your pieces beforehand by curating mood boards. You can have different ones for different styles, and then work to easily narrow down your favourites.

Not Staying True to Your Needs

Browsing on Pinterest, talking to friends and watching design shows, it can be easy to be swayed into a design scheme that looks great – but is it really you? Really consider what and how your family use your kitchen and dining area. Putting your lifestyle first means you can get the most out of your kitchen.

The Fishpools hack: If you have a busy household, your dining furniture needs to be of high standard to stay premium for as long as possible. Choose a table that’s durable and resistant to wear and tear for added peace of mind.

Take a Breather

Decorating can be a stressful duty. It’s easy to want your design completed in an instant. But choosing the first pieces you find and rushing to finish line can no doubt cause mistakes.

You don’t want to finish your project and already hate it. Take your time. Designing your dining area should be a fun process that should stimulate your creative thinking. Go slow, take a step back and remember to breathe. Appreciate the journey and ensure that you reach your desired outcome.

The Fishpools hack: Inspiration is everywhere. Take a step outside of your usual spots to broaden your style horizon. Discover some new magazines, speak to creative people with an interest in design and watch new lifestyle shows, you never know what ideas you might find.

Magazine for design inspiration on white dining table

Nailing your interior design isn’t an easy task. It can take time and practice, but, hopefully, following our knowledgeable tips you can create the dining room of your dreams. Discover more professional tips, like nailing your lighting, here.