Brits spend on average 3 years of our lives cooking in our kitchens. With so much time in one room, it’s important that our kitchen interior matches our lifestyle.

Sleek, dark wooden flooring in modern home

With our busy lives and busy households, we need furniture that can take the strain. In the kitchen, it’s your flooring that takes a lot of wear, from our feet and shoes making their marks to accidental spills when we’re cooking.

Yet, choosing the right flooring isn’t always as easy as it seems. In fact, people often make flooring mistakes that, with the right information, could be easily avoidable. From not leaving enough time for installation to flooring that doesn’t match the wall design, we’ve all heard of these stories before. With our guide to picking luxury kitchen flooring, you can get it right the first time.

Luxury vinyl flooring

What is it?

Vinyl is typically 100% synthetic material and is manufactured in planks or tiles, where top is coated in a thick PVC layer. The thickness of this flooring is around 5mm, making it thinner than laminate flooring.

White luxury vinyl flooring in modern family living space

What are the benefits?

Versatile – the advancement in manufacturing technology has allowed for new techniques that can create vinyl flooring with the appearance of natural wood or stone. With plenty of unique finishes available at Fishpools, including wood and stone, you can easily find the right choice to match your taste.

Slip-resistant options – thanks to enhanced surface treatments, some vinyl flooring is non-slip. This makes them the perfect choice for rooms that get a lot of moisture, just like your kitchen. 

Easy to install – the clever plank design means the pieces can simply interlock together for a seamless finish. To ensure your flooring is installed to the highest standard, look for advice from expert teams. Fishpools have professional fitting teams that are on hand to help install your new flooring with care and precision.

Resilient – the expertly crafted vinyl flooring is unbelievably durable. If you drop cutlery onto the floor whilst cleaning up, you can be rest assured that they more than likely will not break.

Easy to maintain – with a smooth PVC coating, spills can simply be wiped away without much hassle – making it the perfect choice for households with pets or children

Laminate flooring

What is it?

Developed in Sweden in the 1980s, laminate flooring is made up of four layers that make it long-lasting, resistant and reliable. The thickness is often approximately 6 to 12mm.

Laminate flooring with wood aesthetic from Fishpools

Versatile – Clever design creates a realistic hardwood or tile look. There are a wide variety of stylish options available at Fishpools to suit your taste. Some even come with the added bonus of underfloor heating for extra comfort throughout the year.

Sustainable – laminate flooring is made of composite materials, including wood chips, and other materials that can be easily recycled, which gives it an eco-friendly reputation.

Easy to clean – the soft surface means spills can easily be cleaned away. Yet, this flooring isn’t as resilient as luxury vinyl, and will require a bit more maintenance to keep them from getting damaged.

Non-allergenic – crafted using four layers that are pressed together with high temperature, combined with an easy-to-clean surface that keeps the dust away, it’s ideal for any allergy sufferers.

Long-lasting quality – for added peace of mind, laminate flooring from Fishpools comes with the added luxury of 25 years warranty. Find out more online by speaking to our friendly, expert staff.

For more essential tips, download our flooring buying guide online to help you with your decision on choosing the best kitchen flooring.