More time outdoors and increased vitamin D, summer is the mood-booster we’ve all been waiting for. Yet, what if we told you there are other ways to heighten your summer happiness?

summer items on deck chair

We’ve found that the design of your bedroom can also have profound impacts on your mood. Discover our essential interior design tips to help transform your space into a calming sanctuary, for a summer like no other.

As Summer arrives and the weather improves, we cram our calendars with social events. From planning holidays to family BBQ’s, trying to make the most of the glorious seasonal change can sometimes leave us feeling stressed and overwhelmed. Around 30% of Brits find planning their summer holidays a stressful ordeal.

Having a relaxing space to come home to is the perfect way to ease your mind and keep the stress at bay. With simple styling adjustments, you can create the ultimate space that could help to put you in the best frame of mind for whatever comes your way. From updating your colour palette to switching your accessories, these suggestions aren’t hard to pull off but the benefits to your room and mind will be incredible. 

Update Your Colour Scheme

With Summer bringing in more light into your home, it’s time to update your colours. Keep your base colours cool and neutral, but why not try to add a pop of fun colour? Try going bold and bright. This can be something as simple as switching your cushions or bed linen.

The natural shades reflect the seasonal shift; with more light and longer days, it keeps you more connected to nature. The hint of colour can energise you when you wake up and help you feel relaxed in the evening, like a soothing pastel tone.  

bright sofa and blue cushion

Choose Ambient Lighting

There’s no doubt that our days throughout summer are longer and brighter. Yet, when the sun sets, you don’t have to get rid of that warm summer radiance in your room. With simple lighting adjustments, you can keep your bedroom glowing.

white bedroom with table lamp

Table lamps are ideal to create a soft, inviting ambience throughout your room. They’re small and functional enough to place and move around as you see fit. For the perfect evening glow, add a table lamp onto your bedside table.

Add texture

Making small adjustments to the finer details in your furniture can revitalise your room and help it look and feel fresh. For summer, concentrate an adding natural textures like wood. Some simple ways to do this is mix up your smaller items, such as your throws and cushions. Alternatively, you could update your bed frame to an oak finish. The Karmo Ottoman oak bed frame is the ideal choice, with sleek storage under the mattress, you can easily store away your winter duvet.

ottoman bed from Fishpools


An unorganised room can not only make your room appear untidy but by taking up unnecessary space it can impact your mood and cause you stress. Start by moving away extra items into boxes or other storage to make more room for the summer light to sweep through your room. You can even swap out your thick rug or winter carpet for a lighter option.

Light printed rug perfect for summer

Finish with a summer scent

After a long day exploring the outdoors, coming home to an inviting and calming room can be helped with a touch of scent. Adding flowers or diffusers into your bedroom is a cost-effective way to evoke a fresh summer feeling that can even transport your mind. For relaxing aromas that will send you straight to sleep, try lavender or chamomile.

Sweet pink flowers on white chest of drawers in modern bedroom

We’d love to hear and see what updates you plan to make to your bedroom. Get involved and show us your transformation on social media, by tagging us in your posts on Instagram and Facebook. 

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