This 1920s interiors trend is remerging as a modern must-have. Art Deco is about glamour and geometric design, bold lines and luxury materials. We show you some simple ways to bring Art Deco design into your home.

From your living room to the kitchen, discover new ideas to enhance your family space with help from Fishpools. 

Art Deco style emerged in the 1920s. A focus on flamboyant glamour combined with symmetrical design and bold shapes caught everyone’s attention at the time, and with regular reminders from Hollywood films such as The Great Gatsby, the appeal of stylish Art Deco is experiencing a resurgence.

How to spot Art Deco style

The key principles of Art Deco design concentrate on structure and colour. It’s characterised by sharp architectural forms, rich colours and decadent, metallic detailing. The style brings luxury in bold, statement looks and is reminiscent of Egyptian designs. If you’re ready to incorporate Art Deco in your home, take a look at our ideas to jazz up your space.

Art Deco Upholstery

Transform your family space with a sofa or chair in an indulgent, luxury fabric. The ultimate item to deliver pure relaxation can now introduce an art-deco feel. As lavish glamour is at the forefront of this style, don’t be afraid to be playful with texture as well as shape.

1920s Art Deco Design Inspired Vincenzo Chair from Fishpools

Discover luxurious designs like the Vicenzo chair. Crafted with a soft quilted fabric in a plush teal colour to instantly give your home an Art Deco vibe.

For an item that exemplifies structure, the Coliseum Chair is just what you need. The ornate silhouette is reminiscent of the 1920s aesthetic, and the velvet texture combined with the wide splayed arms highlights the romantic and glamorous style.

Gold Detailing in Dining Furniture  

When it comes to glamour, gold is guaranteed to add sophistication and luxury. Incorporating the glamorous colour into your interior can be done subtly as an accent colour. For example, the Calligaris Gala blue with polished brass frame dining chair is a chic take on this retro aesthetic. The soft blue fabric is contrasted against the pristine gold arms and legs.

Discover delicate examples of gold, like the Calligaris Fifties barstool. A unique piece, the stool has a structured form with legs finished in a polished brass for a stylish yet muted flash of the colour. The simplistic design is resonant of the roaring 20s.

For more stylish solutions on how to bring gold detailing to your home, discover our trends guide for elegant inspiration.

Glamorous Lighting

The Art Deco trend in the 1920s exuded opulence. When it comes to infusing your space with an Art Deco ambiance, lighting is crucial. Appropriate lighting can set the perfect atmosphere for any occasion and draw attention to the key Art Deco features you have introduced to your room.

For a statement of elegance, opt for bold pendant lighting. The Swag Crystal Pendant Light is perfectly reminiscent of this era with statement crystal beams and a strong geometric form. The clever wrap design allows the light to be beautifully cast throughout your room.

Cuadrado pendant lighting 1920s Art Deco inspired from Fishpools

Another sophisticated choice is the Cuadrado Crystal Single Pendant. A glittering crystal square wrapped with a transparent curtain allows light to be gently reflected throughout your room.

Metallic Features

Metallic finishing is a perfect opportunity to recreate the luxury feel. The glamorous Medina sideboard is the ultimate opulent addition that can easily fit in your bedroom or dining room. Store away your drinks ahead of your next dinner party and get ready to impress your guests with understated style.

Upgrading your room in the Art Deco style is about opulence, but also showing off your personal style and taste too. Items like the Cattelan Italia coffee table are finished with a distinctive design that will set your interior apart. Its sleek ceramic table tops define sophistication, and it’s the ideal item to prepare your space for entertaining.

Trio of sleek metallic coffee tables

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