Father’s Day is fast approaching. If you’re struggling for what to get your Dad this year, check out our guide to help spark some ideas.

Are you looking to treat your Dad this Father’s Day? Are you stuck on what you can get him that he doesn’t already have or need? Don’t worry! We’ve broken down our top ideas to help your present buying be as easy as possible.

Top tips to get started

Know your budget

There’s nothing worse than finding the perfect gift and realising it’s completely out of your price range. Avoid disappointment and work out a rough amount of how much you’d like to spend.

If you have siblings, a good way to make it easier to buy the present of your Dad’s dreams is to put all your money together. It’s often cheaper for everyone, and your Dad could be left with a bigger and better gift.

Consider his hobbies

Dads aren’t always the easiest to buy for. To spark some ideas, think about what he enjoys doing in his spare time. Is it sport, music or cooking? Has he started a new club or is there a hobby he’s always wanted to do but never got around to it?

If he’s a creative person, why not look to buy him a new piece of art. There are exquisitely made sculptures available at Fishpools. Perhaps he enjoys drinking whiskey with his friends; spoil him with a 5 piece decanter and tumbler set. Once you’ve narrowed down his interests, it will be a lot easier to refine what you’re looking for. 

Chocolate baked cookies on marble dining table

Think ahead

It might seem obvious but planning ahead is essential to finding the perfect gift in time. For enough time to plan and buy, we’d suggest starting two to three weeks before.

Leaving it too late not only is more stressful for you but also gives you a lot less choice to pick from.

Make it personalised

If you’re looking to do something a little different this year, have you considered a personalised gift? As it’ll be unique to him, it’s a memorable option that he can cherish for years to come.

From thoughtful items like a poster star map to celebrate a significant occasion, or a humorous gift like a face digitally printed onto a cushion, there’s plenty to choose from.

DIY gift ideas

If you’re feeling creative, a DIY gift is sure to add that extra bit of sentimentality that they can’t throw away.   

This idea is great for young children; it’s a chance for them to practice their creative skills and show how much they care about their Dad. From a homemade card to baking their favourite cake, it’s the thought that they’ll appreciate.

Colourful presents neatly wrapped for Father's Day

Gift options like a photo album are ideal for children of any age, it’s a cheap present alternative and an opportunity to reminisce about all of your favourite moments together. 

Don’t forget quality time

An expensive gift might seem like the best option and the one that your Dad will like the most, but time is often the most valuable gift we can offer.

Instead of a physical gift, you could plan a day that your dad and your family will never forget. Consider a picnic in your favourite city, have a day packed with all of his favourite things; from the music band he can’t get enough off to his guilty pleasure food, or adventure activities where you can explore your local area.

To make the most of your own outdoor space and the summer weather, you could plan a family bbq in your garden. There are plenty of items in the accessories range at Fishpools to help you make this a success. Make sure you’re equipped with some high-quality cutlery and keep your beverages chilled with an ice bucket.

Picnic in the garden with family

We hope these suggestions spark your imagination and get you excited about your plans for Father’s Day. If this post has inspired your gift ideas, we’d love to hear about it. Share your thoughts with us on social media – tweet us at FishpoolsUK or message us on Facebook.