Feeling relaxed and happy is essential to a healthy lifestyle. You can boost your mindfulness through exercise such as yoga, but what if we told you that your home interior can help too? The right space, from accessories to cleanliness, can have profound impacts on your mood. Here’s how to make it work in your home.

Begin coffee cup on wooden rustic dining table

We spend a lot of our time at home. It’s a place that holds some of your most cherished memories. So, it’s important that your home is a reflection of you and makes you happy. From entertaining your friends, art classes with your children, and cosy movie nights, your home needs to be more than just functional furniture.

When you think of wellness at home, you more than likely jumped to food. Healthy, organic dishes has been a growing trend recently, with more vegetarian restaurants opening and feel-good (and look just-as-good) food images taking over Instagram. Yet, as the hunt to feel wonderfully refreshed continues, the mindfulness trend is evolving.

Recently, there has been a growing interest of wellbeing when it comes to interior deisgn. There’s no surprise that your surroundings can impact your mind and mood. In recent years, more people are ready to make this proactive change.

From indoor plants to decluttering, encouraging a happy environment at home doesn’t have to stop at breakfast. There are some simple ways to alter your living space for mood-boosting results.

Mood-boosting plants

It’s proven that spending time outdoors can have tremendous benefits to your health. Surrounding yourself with nature can create a relaxing environment and can even improve your anxiety and productivity. Yet, if you don’t have time to relish in nature, then why not bring nature to you?

House plants are great to boost your mood

Adding plants to your room not only is the perfect design accessory, but they can also elicit positive moods.

If you have a small room or a space that has a limited light source, there are house plants that don’t need a lot of natural light. Search your local shop or visit your nearest garden centre for an Aloe or Cactus plant. The simple act of nurturing something can instantly bring a sense of pride to your homelife.

With limited spare time, perhaps you’re worried about being able to take good care of them. Luckily not all plant life require lots of attention. Dragon plants, for example, don’t need a lot of looking after and can also be good air purifiers – it’s a win-win. There are also faux plants that offer beautiful touches of nature without the stress of any maintenance.

Cleaning for a clean mind

A chore not many of us will rush to start. But you can’t and shouldn’t escape decluttering. Not only will it make your home look cleaner, but you’ll be surprised about the effects it can have on your mind.

Tidying away and organising your space is an effective way to improve efficiency and reduce anxiety. And all whilst getting some exercise and even stumbling on items you thought you’d lost.

Try adding multi-functional furniture to really maximise your space and feel like you’re getting more done, quicker. Sideboards are a great addition to your space that not only have plenty of storage but can also be used as a decorative accessory by adding your personal touches, like books and photos.

Organised kitchen helps to create a calm mind

The benefits that decluttering your living space has on your mind has been proven with the growing success of organising-guru Marie Kondo. Her method has caught the attention of millions around the world: a clean house means a clean mind.  

For simple tips on where to begin on organising your home, read our blog article to help you beautifully arrange your space.

Importance of sleep for mindfulness

To ensure you’re starting every day in your best possible frame of mind, a good night’s sleep is paramount.

Woman reading in cosy bed

A supportive mattress, like a spring mattress, can offer you support and comfort for a great night’s sleep, every night. Sleep is crucial to help maintain a healthy lifestyle. Feeling deprived of being well rested can not only affect your mood but can even have critical consequences of medical conditions, such as obesity.

To further encourage a calming environment at home, your bedroom should be a cosy sanctuary that inspires your mind. Consider turning your bedroom into more of a creative zone. Leave your digital appliances elsewhere, and have a journal at hand, ready to document the highlights of your day or any inspiring ideas your may have.

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