The popularity of yoga is unquestionable, but we often overlook how it can positively impact your life. In this article, we’re going to take a look at some of the more surprising benefits yoga has to offer.

1. Help relieve stress

OK, so this one isn’t that surprising. However, it is undoubtedly a benefit of yoga that is worth including. The connection between stress relief and yoga is well known, and if you ask any yoga lover, they will say the same. Yoga helps to calm the mind and body, allowing you to bring a new perspective on any worries. The physical nature of yoga is also great for releasing any built-up tension that can heighten stress levels.

2. Increase strength

Taking part in yoga sessions at home, or as part of a group, at least once a week will improve your flexibility, and surprisingly it will also increase overall body strength. The core yoga movements force your body to hold its own body weight using a minimal number of muscles. The result is that all your muscles groups all experience a rigorous workout.

Flexible people getting stronger through yoga

3. Make you a more patient person

The majority of exercise classes and sports involve high-intensity workouts and actions. High-intensity workouts are great for quickly improving levels of fitness and very much fit the mould of the modern instantaneous society. Yoga, on the other hand, involves slowing down the body and mind. The ability to perform slow movements and hold poses for long periods will help enhance your patience in daily life. After a few continuous weeks of yoga, you’ll start to approach potential stressful or annoying scenarios from a new more patient angle.

4. Improve focus and concentration

The benefit of improving your focus and concentration is routed in the same slow movements and positioning holding as improving patience. The ability to move your body in specific ways with control helps your mind to focus on minute details and specifics. When you’re not on the yoga mat but need to concentrate on work or a task at home you’ll soon start to notice the difference.

5. Encourages healthy eating

Participating in an activity such as yoga can often lead to a positive change in lifestyle. The natural first step is to eat more healthily, and not just on days you do yoga. You will soon start to notice how much better you feel by eating healthy and doing regular yoga. Even if you’re finding healthy eating a hard process to start, try and remember that yoga becomes easier if you’re aren’t weighed down by an unhealthy meal.

Healthy eating breakfast of a colourful bowl of fruit

6. Give you confidence in all aspects of life

An improvement in confidence is one of yoga’s most secret benefits. The act of performing yoga helps to increase your self-awareness and gives you satisfaction every time you complete a new move or hold it for longer than before. This new-found confidence will naturally translate to everyday life, meaning you’ll feel able to take on any challenge.

After reading the benefits of yoga, we hope it starts becoming a regular activity in your life. As the summer approaches it’s a great idea to consider moving your yoga into the garden and there is no need to worry about getting too hot in the sun with our range of garden parasols.