At Fishpools we value family time, it’s at the foundation of our product design – take the Rattan garden range which focuses on creating memorable social situations for example – and we know that family holidays are one of the most valuable times of the year. However, packing for a family holiday involves a lot of organisation and often causes stress, which is why we’ve created this easy to follow guide to help you along.

1. Check the weather forecast

Wherever you are taking the family on holiday, it is crucial to check the weather forecast before you travel. There is no guarantee that just because you are planning to go to a warm and sunny destination, for example, that nature will give you what you expect. A change in weather will dramatically alter what you need to pack for the family, so make sure you have all the information before you fill your suitcase.

2. Create a list of essential items

Once you know the likely weather, we recommend you create a list of essential items for your holiday. These are items that you cannot do without and potentially can be hard to acquire in your end destination. Currency, toiletries, medication and the odd item of clothing can be hard to come by depending on your destination. And of course, don’t forget the passport!

Checklist of what to bring on family holiday

3. Know your baggage allowance or space limits

If you are travelling via plane, you will face baggage weight and size restrictions. It is vital to be aware of these limits during the packing process, as you don’t want to receive an additional charge at the airport for exceeding these limits. Similarly, if you are driving to your holiday destination make sure that you can fit everything into your vehicle. Often families try and use every inch of space. However, this means you are likely to be taking unnecessary items and creating dangerous driving conditions as the driver’s view will be impaired.

4. Use space-saving techniques to maximise your luggage

Although we have already mentioned the dangers of over-packing, this does not mean you cannot be savvy in your packing to utilise the space available. Rather than folding items you can roll the clothes instead, this technique will help you save space and reduce the number of creases the clothes develop while they are in the transit.

Rolling allows you to compress the clothes tightly and reduce the area they require. Another method of reducing the size of clothes in a suitcase is to use vacuum travel bags, which increase the capacity of your bags and form an additional layer of protection. Vacuum travel bags work by removing the air from around the clothes, meaning the overall size of your packing is reduced.

5. Pack entertainment for the kids

Long journeys can be a tiring and boring experience for children; therefore, we recommend packing various entertainment options and keeping them easily accessible. Your options are plentiful, from pre-downloaded TV or films to games and books. For smaller children, you can take colouring and drawing equipment if technology is not suitable.

Entertainment for the children when travelling

Wherever and whenever you are planning your next family holiday, it is essential to prepare and ensure you can pack everything that is needed. This procedure will give you peace of mind and help remove any stresses that can accompany packing for your family holiday.