Is there anything better than sinking into your sofa after a long hectic day? Better yet, relaxing into a velvet sofa and chair is second to none. The comforting feel to a soft and silky sofa or chair can bring a cosy feel to any room so we’ve taken a look at a few choices to compliment your home. Whether your thinking about furnishing your living room, or your office space with velvet furniture we’ve got your covered. 

Dietrich - Fishpools


This stunning sofa makes a statement and allows users to feel comfortable and at ease. It comes in a beautiful grey colour, that will suit a whole range of colour schemes. If comfort is a priority for you, then this will be a match made in heaven. The sofa is carefully crafted and made to order and is ready to deliver in 9 weeks.  

Putney Sofa - Fishpools


The 1920’s gave birth to the art deco style, which changed the interior world forever. The Putney chair is an art deco inspired piece with a modern twist. Its tulip back design is eye-catching, and instantly adds character to any room. The legs of the chair are tipped with brass, giving it a glossy finish.  

Hollywood Sofa - Fishpools


This velvet “Hollywood” sofa will certainly make the room look like a luxury palace. Choose from either pillow back cushions or standard back cushions. Available in a range of sizes with matching chair and footstool. This outstanding value for money range includes co-ordinating scatter cushions and is available in a selection of tactile velvets. There are also armchairs available to compliment the sofa.  

Holland Park

This gorgeous velvet arm chair is a perfect piece to add to the hallway or office space, as it adds a touch of luxury. It’s made to order to deliver in 12 weeks, giving you time to decide where you would like to place it in your home. It’s timeless finish, gives it an elegant and charming appeal enticing people to enjoy its luxury.   

Camden Sofa - Fishpools


The Camden sofa promises the ultimate relaxation, as you ease yourself into the plush velvety seating. Whether you’re going for a traditional or modern interior, this sofa is versatile and stylish for it to be a centre focus. Grab your favourite book from the book shelf, and you’ll easily find yourself lost in the book for hours. Warning be careful not to drift off!  

New Celine sofa - Fishpools

New Celine

You’ll be delighted to know, you get the best of both worlds, lounging and sleeping. This velvet sofa bed is effortlessly converted from a sofa to a bed without any hassle. Its dreamy teal colour, boldly adds another dimension to the room, particularly if it has a neutral colour scheme.  

Velvet adds a touch of luxury and decadence to any home. If you’re an avid reader or lounger, we hope we’ve given you a variety of choices to make you feel not only comfortable, but to enjoy the space you’re in.