From Durham to Istanbul, we’ve scoured the best of the luxury hotels across Europe with the most breath-taking interior to inspire your home design. 

One of the biggest simple pleasures in life is a holiday. The spectacular designs of a luxury hotel make you feel on cloud nine. With the comforting sense of a welcoming space, it’s easy to reach a state of utter relaxation. This soothing ambience makes you never want to leave.  

When your holiday comes to an end, the happy relief tends to shortly fade. Home just doesn’t have the same unmistakeable charm of a luxury getaway. Yet, what if we told you that doesn’t have to be the case?  

In a bid to bring that holiday sensation right to your home, we’ve found some of the best hotels in Europe with enchanting interior to inspire your new aesthetic.  

Seaham Hall, Durham, England  

Starting in the Northeast of England, there is Seaham Hall, which is a luxury hotel and spa located on Seaham’s iconic coast. The cliff top location makes for spectacular views that make every morning amazing. The exquisite rooms are a blend of modern and traditional styles for an eye-catching look that you won’t forget. 

To recreate this lavish appeal in your own home, there needs to be a focus on plush fabric. From velvet to leather, don’t hold back! Opting for a velvet sofa will instantly add an inviting quality to your room.  

Luxury hotels to inspire your home aesthetic - Fishpools

Fabric doesn’t have to be limited to the sumptuous seating. You could also consider your flooring. An indulgent rug is a cosy treat for your feet, that will also inject your room with an added dynamic depth to your space that will make you feel at ease. 

Convento di Amlafi, Amalfi, Italy 

Convento di Amalfi is a five-star cliff top destination that looks like it’s right out of a Hollywood set. With sleek white rooms and marble bathrooms, it effortlessly exudes an undeniable luxury that makes it hard to resist.  

Bringing this style to your home doesn’t have to be difficult. You should start by focusing on the colour of your design aesthetic. Concentrating on soft, pale colours like white and light grey will instil a restful mood. These colours are also reminiscent of the beach, so by adding them to your home it will bring the ethereal essence of an exotic getaway right to you.  

Luxury hotels to inspire your home aesthetic - Fishpools

BellaRiva, Lake Garda, Italy  

This chic Italian setting is a peaceful spot amidst the charming Lake Garda. BellaRiva showcases pristine design from eye-catchingly vibrant chairs to bold prints on rugs and wallpapers. The sleek décor makes a grand statement to small rooms.  

For a dose of Italian elegance in your family home, look to incorporating daring accent chairs in your room. A small touch, yet it will have maximum style impact. Accent chairs are a timeless piece that also greatly practical.   

Luxury hotels to inspire your home aesthetic - Fishpools

Four Seasons, Istanbul, Turkey  

The iconic Four Seasons hotel epitomises hotel luxury. The hotel aesthetic in Istanbul focuses on sumptuous comfort with plenty of space to lounge with all of your family. Including sofas and armchairs that are generous in size, they are all cleverly chosen in a soft, cooling colour tones with a wooden accent tone.  

Bring this look to your space by focusing on the wooden design accent to encourage a warm atmosphere with a rustic charm. At Fishpools, there are plenty of styles to browse such as the Stressless Windsor sofa and the Galverston chair.  

Luxury hotels to inspire your home aesthetic - Fishpools

Interior design has a powerful presence in every room. And luxury hotels no doubt have interiors that have an unruly presence that you can never quite forget. That feeling of utter relief and comfort that an impeccably designed space gives you doesn’t have to be just for holidays. Transform your humble abode into your ideal staycation with these simple aesthetic tweaks. 

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