With the summer months edging closer, this could be the best time to start thinking about how to throw the best garden party of the year. Imagine, sitting in the garden with a cocktail and the warm summer breeze just caressing your skin. Garden parties are perfect for bringing everyone together for a summer soiree.  

Mood lighting  

You’d be surprised by how much the lighting affects the general ambience of the atmosphere. Different colour lighting can create the right ambience for your party and will set the tone from day to night.  There are different types of mood lighting you can choose from, whether it’s colour changing fairy lights or a swanky lamp.  


Music is key to setting the right party mood. It’s hard to cater to a wide audience, particularly if you’re unsure of your guest’s music taste. Create a wide playlist, of varying music genres so it keeps everyone happy. You can also accept song requests from your guests, so there is something for everyone. 

Food selection 

The most common party complaint is the little selection of food on the menu. It’s key to cater to a range of people who have different dietary requirements too. Vegan, gluten-free and vegetarian and meat options should be on the tick list when food prepping. Whether you are cooking yourself or ordering in, make sure there is something for everyone.  

Garden party - Fishpools

Drinks menu  

If you want to take it up a notch, create a drink your guests won’t forget. Give non-alcoholic drinks a twist like infused water juice, a great thirst quencher in the summer months. It’s super hydrating and it has a lovely flavour that both adults and kids can love. This strawberry and lemon infused water recipe, is perfect to give you some inspiration, you can also experiment with different fruits and herbs and come up with your own original drink.  For cocktails, there are plenty of options you can have a theme for the night and only make an assortment of cocktails with one liquor e.g. Rum or Vodka! 

Comfy chairs 

A garden party needs to have comfy seats for the guests to lounge on and socialise. Rattan furniture is a great garden furniture option, as they are easy to clean and are easy to move. The Rattan set comes with a 2 seater sofa, 2 arm chairs, footstool and a coffee table. No assembly is required and the maintenance free hardwearing rattan contains UV protection, making each piece suitable for all weathers and designed to live outdoors in the garden all year round. 

With careful planning, you can throw the best garden party of the year with little fuss. All that matters is good company, and the main ingredient being “fun” to have the perfect evening. 

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