With busy, demanding schedules it isn’t always easy to make time for the household chores. Yet, by following our straightforward guide you can make tidying an easy habit that can fit into your day no matter your schedule. 

The concept of decluttering isn’t anything new. Through the 18th century, individuals have been following this method of getting rid of any unnecessary items that make their space look and feel crowded. The practical benefits have forever been rejoiced, yet as our schedules get busier and more demanding, clearing out unwanted items isn’t at the top of our to-do list.

Now, decluttering is having its glory moment. It’s officially made its way back to our priority list thanks to organisation guru Marie Kondo. To give the technique a contemporary makeover, Kondo simplifies the approach and focuses on the how each item sparks joy in you to give you a positive mental boost you’ll crave.

Kondo rose to fame with her Netflix series ‘Tidying Up with Marie Kondo’ where she visits families in need of her help. Her philosophy concentrates on the value of each object on it’s own; understanding the importance and how they can benefit your life and mood. Removing items that lack significant value is a quick and easy way to cleanse your space for the better. 

What are the benefits?  

Messy homes can impact your mood. Roughly 90% of Brits think that clutter dampens their mood and makes them feel unproductive. So, there’s no surprise decluttering is the latest wellness trend.  

When we’re feeling down, many of us automatically sign up for a yoga class or meet up with friends. Yet, have you ever thought how your home environment could play a part?  

A clean, organised space can reflect your productivity, some studies have shown. With less stuff taking up your space, there are fewer distractions on your mind: leaving more room to get things done and focus on the things that really matter.  

What’s more, a cluttered home can even make you feel isolated and averse to socialising. A messy home doesn’t make you feel motivated, so you’re more likely to cancel any hosting plans with friends because your space wasn’t up to scratch.  

Take control of your life and start putting an emphasis into an organised home environment. Taking inspiration from Marie Kondo, you can see a tremendous difference in your space and your life by decluttering. So, where do you start? 

What is the Marie Kondo method?  

  • Stick at it – It’s easy to think about clearing out unwanted items, but once you’ve started, the benefits will inspire you to keep going.   
  • Think ahead – when you start to tidy, think about the life you want to lead, whether it’s stress-free or energised, start the steps you need to take to get there.   
  • Get rid of unnecessary items – we all accumulate items over time but acknowledging those things that don’t serve a purpose or add value to your life will make it easier to get rid of them and start the transformation.  
  • Category over location – a Kondo trick is not to focus on each room specifically but instead the categories. Don’t just clear out the bookshelf in the living room but all of the books in the house.  
  • Keep to this checklist – Sticking to these rules and in this order will help your organisation work successfully. Start from the top and take your time.  
  • Spark the joy – although you’re getting rid of things, the idea is that you’re keeping the things that hold the most sentimental value. It’s all about holding onto the items that bring you joy and aid your day-to-day, otherwise what’s the point?