Splashing out on a luxurious Mother’s Day gift isn’t the only way you can show your Mum how much you care. Discover our gift guide for present inspiration that will make an unforgettable day without breaking the bank.

From home renovation to buying a new luxury car, Mother’s Day celebrity-style is anything but ordinary. Extravagant gifts are displayed all over magazines and social media, and it can make us feel pressured to deliver something outlandish and unexpected. Yet, you don’t have to break the bank in order to give your mum a special gift this Mother’s Day.

There are plenty of options that don’t cost a lot and still show your love. After all, your mum is more interested in spending quality time with you. But a small gift would be nice too.

Bouquet of flowers

Timeless and always appreciated, flowers are a wonderful gift that can work for numerous occasions. Try and remember if she’s made any subtle hints lately about her favourite type, otherwise go with your gut. You can ask your local florist to help arrange the perfect bouquet or browse online for letterbox flowers where you can simply pick your ideal flower display, and have it delivered straight to your mum’s front door!  

A relaxing scent

The ultimate gift to transform the home with a delightful welcoming scent. Candles are a winning formula.

Browse online, read some reviews online before heading to the shops to scout out the best smelling candle before you go ahead and purchase.

Candles are a great way to transform any part of the home with a warm and fresh energy. They’re also great for a mum who enjoys taking baths. Candles create a relaxing and calming ambience, and every time she’s in that mood she’ll have you to thank for it.

Go for practical

Perk up her day with a new coffee machine or set. The typical modern-day mum relies on coffee to keep everything running smoothly. Why not give her a little pick-me-up with a reusable coffee mug, a book on how to make your own coffee or an espresso pot?   

Whether she’s on the school run or heading to a morning yoga class, having a new coffee essential to take with her will make her day start with a smile (and a little more energy).

White coffee mug on breakfast table - Fishpools

For the entertainer  

Investing in some glassware can last a lifetime, why not check out our collection for a perfect Mother’s Day gift.

Something personalised

Make their day even more special with a personalised gift. A unique gift will set this year apart from the rest, and your mum is sure to cherish it forever.

From mugs, calendars and phone cases, you can choose almost anything to have a personalised touch.

Silk bow gift wrapping for Mother's Day gift - Fishpools

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