As the focus point of your living room, your sofa is so frequently used that it inevitably attracts dirt. There’s no surprise that overtime, your elegant designer sofa can become stained and lacklustre. Forget splashing out on a new sofa. Discover our top tips of how to fix your designer sofa and bring back its sparkle.

Family time

If you often eat your meals in front of the TV, your sofa can easily become stained. Try to use a larger tray to rest your food on and don’t forget to have napkins ready at hand. Using a tray will pick up any accidental spills, which will be a lot easier to clean than your sofa.


Avoid letting any pets on your sofa. Pet’s hair moults, and they can dirt and scratch your sofa.

Keeping your pets off the sofa can be a tricky thing to uphold, yet if they decide to play, make sure you’re prepared. You can cover your sofa with a throw, which will act as a barrier against any mischievous animal and ensure that damage is kept to a minimum. A throw also adds character to your sofa and it’s a great accessory that can work for any occasion.

Cute black dog on family sofa - Fishpools

Upgrade your cushions

There’s no denying that overtime, cushions can become dull and saggy, and it can dampen the overall appearance of your sofa.

To keep your cushions looking great, make sure you flip them regularly. This method will prevent the build-up of dust and means you haven’t got one damaged cushion side.

It can also be good to switch your old cushions for new ones every so often. This is a cheaper alternative to buying a new sofa, and it will transform your space with a new glamorous look.

At Fishpools, there are a variety of cushions available, depending on your style and needs, you can easily find the perfect one to upgrade your home. 

Sofa arrangement 

The placement of your sofa helps draw attention, it’s the perfect location for watching TV and relaxing, yet have you thought about how or where you place your sofa in your living room could actually damage it?

Placing your sofa close to a window where it catches lots of sunlight can be damaging on the look and feel of your favourite relaxation spot. After time, the UV radiation from the sun can fade and damage the fabric.

To avoid this from happening, try moving your sofa away from the window. It doesn’t have to be in a dark corner but make a conscious effort to move it from direct sunlight. If you’re limited on space, and therefore don’t have much choice about where your sofa can go, then try adding blinds or curtains to your windows to minimise the amount of light beaming onto your sofa.

If you’re looking for more information on maximising the quality of your sofa, read our blog post on how to keep fabric sofas clean.