Embrace the new year with these top design trends ready to take the year by storm. Discover how you can bring the freshest interior ideas to your home and stay one step ahead of the crowd.


Memphis design

The Memphis movement, born in the 80’s, was synonymous with shapes, graphics and colours that ooze flamboyancy and quirkiness. And this old-school design is making a modern return in 2019.

After some notable appearances in recent art exhibitions, as well as a distinct grace across fashion catwalks, Memphis style has inspired the next wave of home interior. It welcomes the shift from structured and neat lines, to focus on soft curves and inviting patterns across enveloping frames.

Get the look:

modern Fitzrovia sofa range from FishpoolsFitzrovia sofa range at Fishpools

Floral fabrics

A feminine fusion focusing on traditional floral patterns is sweeping the interior trend hotlist. Get set to bring florals back into your home, but this time there’s a concentration on oversize; making a pretty but maximalist feature to your décor.

Floral fabrics on cushions or on wallpapers. Anything goes. To recreate this trend, make sure this pattern is the star of the show. Let your other furniture accessories work to complement and softly enhance the design.

Get the look:Ted Baker floral bed linen from FishpoolsTed Baker Harmony bed linen

Eco-friendly design

With impacts on our environment becoming a major crisis. Individuals are looking at taking a more pro-active approach. And as every little helps, why not let your interior be eco-friendly too?

This trend focuses on natural and organic materials, including wood, to emphasise and strengthen our relationship with nature. From adding more natural green space to using furniture crafted from sustainable products, it’s all about creating a comfortable and relaxing living space for all your family that also gives back to the planet as much as possible.

Get the look:Light wood flooring in family homeAmtico wood flooring

Geometric prints

The maximalist influence continues in 2019 with the arrival of geometric prints. A style that never seems to go out of fashion, but this year it’s re-visited with tribal-inspired designs that will instantly inject radiant life into a room.

This fresh infusion incorporates playful and vibrant colours with contrasting prints, for a statement look. Its expressive nature will work wonders to transform a small room with an opulent design.

Get the look:Soft houndstooth throw from FishpoolsHoundstooth wool throw

Clever design – focus on practicality

From maximised design to maximise your space. This latest interior trend concentrates on practicality. With purposeful furnishings that create an ease of living for all the family, from multi-functional items to pieces that adapt to different and awkward spaces. No matter the size of your room, with clever design style doesn’t have to be compromised when it comes to functionality.

Get the look:Glamorous cadiz bedroom Cadiz bedroom range

Pantone colour of the year

The colour of 2019 as named by the reclaimed colour matching brand, Pantone, is ‘Living Coral’. A soft pink hue that depicts a joyous and heartening mood will bring a welcomed warming sensuality to your home.  This soft tone is predicted to be a force of nature and dominate the design industry this year. So, it’s your time to get ahead of the trend of see how you can bring this must-have colour to your décor.

Get the look:Pink sheepskin rug Sheepskin rug

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