Your star sign can determine more about your personality than who you may be compatible with. It can also influence your aesthetic taste. We discover how you can transform your home interior to match your zodiac style. 


Just like the Myers Briggs test we all have similar traits to each personality type, and the same can be said for zodiac signs. Astrology expands past reading our daily horoscope in the morning paper. It can point to our individual zodiac style and flair.

Here’s everything you need to know to incorporate the must-have interior trend based on your zodiac sign.

Aries Fire

Colour wheel: Scarlet, fuchsia, amber

Aries is ruled by the fire sign, a confident and strong-willed character that knows what they want. Aries are always on the go, so their homes are well organised and structured to make things easier. Aries are the go-getters, and to keep their forward momentum positive you’ll see framed inspirational quotes that make them feel motivated to go after the day ahead.


Taurus Earth

Colour wheel: Gum pink, black and forest green

Sensual and tactile, Taurus’ love the finer details and things that pull at their emotions. As this sign is ruled by Earth and Venus, soft textures are important to help them feel grounded and give them a sensual connection to their home. Soft furnishings such as faux fur throws and a plush rug, should be a priority as it’ll add a touch of luxury and warmth to your home.


Gemini Air

Colour wheel: Light green, white and rose

One of the great forward thinkers in the zodiac, Gemini’s are most likely to have a futuristic and modern home filled with the latest gadgets. Art is a form of expression that Gemini’s truly admire. They have an eclectic taste, and often have random pieces in the home that inspire them.


Cancer Water

Colour wheel: Seafoam green, and mustard

Home is where the heart is, and that’s especially true for the Cancer signs. It’s their safe-haven; a sanctuary of rest and fun. As a water sign, a Cancer’s interior should exude calming cosiness. Incorporate neutral colours, like white and ivory, in your design and try floral and soft patterned designs.


Leo Fire

Colour wheel: Purple, gold and orange

The Leo zodiac is the symbol of a Lion. As a fierce character, that should be translated in your home design. Think over-the-top and extravagant. After all, Leo’s mantra is, “why go small when you can go big?”, so it’s only right you do. Home pieces that showcase your own unique flair and personality would charmingly work in your favour. Discover bold and vibrant cushions for your living room, to give it a pop of colour.


Virgo Earth

Colour wheel: White, beige and navy.

As an air sign, Virgo is known for its detailed nature, so you’re likely to see everything in its rightful place. Organisation and structure are key. To complement your personality traits, take interior inspiration from minimalist design like Scandi style, as they live by less is more.

Virgo’s only need the essentials in their home and they put emphasis on maximising their floor space. Keeping large and clunky furniture to a minimum is perfect when it comes to hosting any parties too, especially as Virgo’s love to be social.


Libra Air

Colour wheel: Light pink, pastel blue, and cream yellow.

Libra’s have a careful eye for muted aesthetics that create a balanced harmony for work and fun. Try and avoid bold and daring pieces and furniture in dark melancholy colours. Incorporate warm and inviting colours, such as soft oranges and yellows, to create a tranquil state of relaxation.

As relationships are an important aspect for Libra’s, a large sofa in the living room is perfect to accommodate family and friends.


Scorpio Water

Colour scheme: Black, white, and burgundy.

Scorpio’s have a need for depth and like to find meaning in the detail. Monochrome interior adds a hint of mystique and allure to the space. Its water sign nature can merge into the dark or light colour scheme depending on how they feel. Try an opulent dining table and chair set, like the Chablis, to make a strong statement in the dining room.


Sagittarius Fire

Colour wheel: Copper, bronze and deep purple.

Known for travelling to foreign lands, you’re sure to find an eclectic mix of cultured home décor from around the world. They are attached to items that hold meaning which represents their travelling memories and experiences. Discover a cowhide rug to add warmth and heritage to the home.


Capricorn Earth

Colour wheel: Black, indigo and deep red.

No matter the home design, being neat and tidy is a number one priority for Capricorns. Similarly, to the Earth sign Virgo, Capricorns are most likely to appeal to the minimalist way of living. The hard-working Capricorn would need their space to be simple, yet functional. Add a modern corner desk to your space that will benefit any home office.


Aquarius Air

Colour wheel: Turquoise, violet and bright yellow.

Aquarians represent the fountain of knowledge, and often have so many books they don’t know where to store them! Discovering new found knowledge is a constant source of adventure for the Aquarius signs. Try a stylish bookcase, so you have enough room for several book collections.


Pisces Water

Colour wheel: Sea green, Aqua and coral

Creating an otherworldly home, where a Pisces can escape would fulfil their wildest home décor dreams. If a Pisces could pick their favourite part of the home, it would most definitely be the bedroom or bathroom, as that’s a sacred space to unwind from the day. Upgrade your space with a dreamy velvet ottoman storage bed that will sit elegantly in the bedroom.


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