Explore how to add the functional and fashionable Scandi-style trend to your kitchen. Discover our 5 must-know tips to brighten your space while maximising on style in a laid-back and cosy way.


Wooden flooring

To complement the minimalist Scandi colour scheme, emphasise the design with oak wooden features. The best way to make this statement (and make it easily) is with wooden flooring.

Wooden flooring will brighten your space by infusing character to create a welcoming laid-back feel.

Quickstep flooring at Fishpools

For a realistic wooden look combined with durability, opt for wooden laminate flooring. A practical alternative, laminate flooring is perfect for the kitchen with its easy-to-clean features: perfect for any busy family homes.

At fishpools, our collection of laminate flooring includes multiple colour finish options, so you’re bound to find the right one to suit you. The Quickstep impressive flooring is designed in a light oak, which is the ideal choice to complement your other kitchen furniture with ease and sophistication.

quickstep impressive wooden flooring at Fishpools

White laminate cabinets

Scandi style is synonymous with sleek finishes. So, to bring this look to your home, why not incorporate glossy white laminate cabinets in your kitchen?

A luxury feel that are stylishly adaptable to any modern home, sideboards are a functional and fashionable storage solution. Whatever your occasion, you can easily hide away your mess behind the glossy perfection.


Choosing white for this kitchen furniture makes for an ideal canvas to experiment with your design ideas. You can add decorative accessories, like a vase or picture frames, to brighten your space with a pop of colour and personality.


Round dining table

Elevate the cosy and inviting characteristics of the Scandi design by adding a round dining table to your kitchen. The perfect choice to hold your family dinners, family meeting or family washing.

Whatever your occasion, a round dining table is your contemporary solution. Even if you plan to throw a party, the compact size means you can easily manoeuvre your table to the corner of your room to make for extra space for guests.round dining table at Fishpools

Try a modern piece like the Calligaris vortex. With a striking base paired with a sculptural contemporary style, this round table is sure to make a statement. This design is available in different table top materials, including glass and marble, so you can easily find the right one for your home and style.


Pendant lighting

Have you ever admired the relaxing ambience of a luxury hotel? With the right pendant lighting, instantly transforming your home with a dose of Scandi sumptuousness just got easy.

Choose a pendant light that has similar colour tones to the rest of your kitchen furniture. You want to tie the overall look together by enhancing the warm and welcoming feel.

The perfect choice to bring the Scandi style to your home is the Clove large pendant light. This piece features contrasting textures of glossy white and warm wood, which makes this a unique find that ensures your light looks eye-catchingly good on and off.


Sleek kitchen storage

To infuse your kitchen with Scandi style, it’s all about oozing minimalism. Keep your mess out of sight and behind storage. Although this design is sleek and minimal, it can discreetly and cleverly maximise your space with storage.

You can add wall-mounted shelves to maximise your floor space. Perfect for any modern family home, you can easily fit additional drawers, to suit your needs, and it’s the cheat way to disguising any clutter.

To keep to the Scandi aesthetic, try incorporating the wooden texture into your shelving design. It’s also the perfect feature to give your decorative accessories the spot to shine.Bremen dining furniture at Fishpools

At Fishpools, the Bremen narrow sideboard is the ultimate choice to complete the Scandi style kitchen in your home. The contemporary design features tactful drawers and shelves in a polished soft grey finish.


Browse all of our available dining ranges online day and get ready to transform your home into the magical Scandi style. For more information, get in touch with our expert and friendly staff today or visit us in our Waltham Cross store.