The Christmas lights have been long packed away and the baubles wrapped up safe until next year. As you look around the house, you might be thinking that it looks a bit dull and drab compared to the glitz and glamour of the festive season. To avoid falling into those winter January blues, follow our guide with a few tweaks and additions to breathe new life into your space. Our top 8 accessories will ensure you and your home feel snappy and bright for 2019.

1. Mirrors

Mirrors are not just for admiring your own reflection in! If you use a mirror tactically in a space, you can give the illusion of a larger room. Use as an accent piece above or a sofa or bed where your eyes are drawn, ideally use a round mirror or even better, a sunburst mirror which gives the illusion of a growing, glowing light. A mirror placed opposite a window will reflect the light and any scenery outside your window.

blog mirror2. Candles

It is said that burning candles makes you happy. The Danes; one of the happiest nation in the world, burn more candles per head than anywhere in Europe. We know from personal experience, that dimming the lights and lighting several candles certainly brings a sense of calm and relief. To obtain Hygge at home (the Danish word for contentment & wellbeing) we suggest lots of candles and opting for relaxing, warming scents that mix well, like vanilla, cinnamon and patchouli.


3. Art & Pictures

Shake off the cobwebs and express your personality with framed art & pictures. It’s a fantastic way to bring colour and movement into your home without having to paint or wallpaper. If you’re not sure what to go for, browse our range for something that catches your eye. However, if you’re looking to lift the blues with a bit of escapism, we recommend bringing in landscapes art and sunny location images to inspire you.

blog picture


4. Rugs

Keep warm and cosy with a good rug beneath your feet. Opt for pattern AND colour where a room’s decor needs shaking up a rug5.Vases

It is said that receiving or displaying flowers in your home triggers serotonin, the happy hormone. Our ancestors would anticipate the blooming of flowers to indicate the coming of abundance and food after the winter. We’re lucky enough to have access to cut flowers all year long, so make sure you have the perfect vase to display them.

blog vase6. Light

Sitting in a dull room through the long evenings certainly could encourage the January blues to wash over you. Beat those blues with creative lighting, either beautiful elegant ceiling drop lights or stunning side lamps. We love the Biaritz table lamp and the Lena antique brass lamp as statement pieces.

lamps7. Bright Tableware

There’s been lots of scientific research into bold and bright colours making you happy. Warm colours help release the hormone dopamine and blues and green stimulate calming oxytocin. Brighten up dining on dull days with this stunning tableware. When not in use, why not double up as décor and display these beautiful ceramics on open shelves to give a pop of sara miller8. Cushions

The perfect mix & match accessory that’s easy to change through the seasons and trends. Texture and pattern are key here for creating cosiness as well as sprucing up your space. We love these heavy textured fabrics to add depth and warmth to beds and cushions