We arguably spend more time in our office or work environment than we do in our own homes. Whether you work in a conventional office or have joined the freelancer revolution and have the freedom to work from anywhere you please, it’s vital to create a space to encourage productivity and concentration.

Workspace environments have changed dramatically over the past few decades. Gone are the days of individual cubicles and private offices. Today, workspaces are designed to spark creativity, give space to thinking and to encourage a more collaborative environment. You only have to look at the offices of brands like Google and Facebook to see how far office design has come. Employees are encouraged to work standing up, get away from their desk and utilise sofas and break out areas to stimulate creativity.

Chill out office area - Fishpools

Creating a dream working environment need not always be a complicated task. You don’t have to be like Google and install a running track around your office. With a simple few changes, you can be on your way to creating your dream office.

Try a minimalist design

A cluttered space can lead to a cluttered mind. Physically giving yourself space and room to work, can transfer into a having a more open mindset – perfect for channelling those creative thoughts.

You should also avoid wasting space with unnecessary stationary and paper. Attempt to print only what you absolutely need, to avoid stacks of paperwork on your desk.

Incorporate as much comfort as possible

Comfort is key. The working day can be many hours spent sitting behind a desk, so it’s important we are in a comfortable place to work, not only for our output but also for our health.Jacob accent chair at home - Fishpools

Your working desk doesn’t have to be your stereotypical, creaky piece of plywood. Consider a stylish table that not only gives you space to work, but is a real centrepiece to your room. Complement your desk with a smart and comfortable chair. We recommend taking the time to test some of them out, so you make sure you get the one which is right for you. Be sure to take your posture into consideration, avoiding a chair which can encourage you to slouch.

Many brands are now encouraging their staff to take time away from their desk and work elsewhere around the office. A change in scenery can instantly help bring a fresh look to the job at hand. Adding a stylish sofa to your workspace can be the perfect option to mix things up.Cosy sofa in your modern office space - Fishpools

Create a colourful office

Colours play a larger part on our mood than you may think. While walls of white may give a clinical feel to many traditional offices, workspaces of today tend to be a lot more vibrant and there is good reason.

Research suggests that colour can instantly change our mood and the way we perceive things. Vibrant reds can encourage passion and excitement but too much can be seen as violent and intimidating. Pale blues are known to be an intellectual colour and often provide a calming environment, perfect for bringing some order to a stressful day. If you are looking to stimulate your creative thinking, consider adding some shades of yellow into your office.A yellow notebook to stimulate productivity in your work - Fishpools

Consider your room size

A much sort-after commodity, space is seen as a luxury and if you’re based in a city it can be hard to come by so it’s important, we make the most of the space we have. Storage is always an office in smaller spaces.Modern office furniture - Fishpools

As with many offices, we always have a lot to store and perhaps not much space in which to do so. Consider some stylish shelves to keep your working space tidy and put those awards in pride of place! A smart coffee table can also act as a great way to store items away while acting as the perfect place to host team catch-ups.

Add some plant life

Offices without art, souvenirs or plants can be a dull and lifeless place. While it’s important to minimise distractions in the place we work, ensuring our office is inviting and almost homely is vital to our productivity.

Adding a selection of easy to maintain plants around the office can really bring the place to life and also add a little more colour. Some studies have shown that by having a selection of plants in the office can encourage and promote better team collaboration and a happier workplace.

Add plants to your office space - Fishpools

Make sure your personality shines

Adding a bit of your personality to your office can help you feel more relaxed which can encourage better productivity. Consider some of your own interior design flair, something a little different. Perhaps an ocean or forest theme which can run throughout the room. Include some of your own art pieces, photographs to make the space like it represents you and your brand.

Your office space should be a reflection of what you and your brand represent. Create space which encourages you to do your very best work, somewhere which stimulates creativity and collaboration with your team. The days of boring office design are over, start creating your dream office today!

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