The country home look is a style that never seems to go out of fashion. Whether you actually live in the country or you just want to reflect this country style in the middle of the city, there are some great sources of inspiration around.

What makes the perfect country style living room?

A sociable atmosphere is at the heart of country décor and, as such, the living room is often the centrepiece of the home. Rustic living rooms give off a sense of history and comfort blended with modern design appeal. Think natural wooden shelves with stylish, modern sofas.

Cosy living room with fireplace - Fishpools

A fireplace always acts as a fantastic centre point to the room. Rather than focusing your space around the TV, a fireplace provides a social environment to spark conversation. If you aren’t lucky enough to have one, try running the fireplace video on your TV to recreate the warmth – this does work!

The country style puts an emphasis on comfort. Your living room should ooze cosiness. From the moment you walk in, the room should make you feel like you want to wrap up and get stuck into your book by the fire, or a steamed-up window.

Accessories play a huge part in creating this mood. Consider warm blankets thrown over the sofas and a detailed rug beneath your coffee table to give that soft, rustic appeal. Candles, low lighting and comfy cushions also add to that den-like feeling in the room.

Gorgeous Alpaca grey rug from Fishpools in modern home

How to incorporate a country style in your dining room?

Banks oak dining table - Fishpools

You can continue this cosy feeling into your dining room. Here, that rustic, rural impression can be created using natural materials like wood and leather, which bring a lived-in and inviting feeling to a room that often has fewer soft furnishings.

The country lifestyle demands a dining room fit for family dining, so consider a large, classic wooden dining table with comfortable, cushioned chairs to fit the whole family around. And as always, accessories go a long way in completing the look. Stylish rugs and sheepskins are perfect.

Cosy black rug in modern living room - Fishpools

Yet, don’t forget about lighting – it can give a sense of intimacy and achieve the mood you are looking for. Indirect lighting is perfect for maximising a comforting feel to the room, while illuminating some of the colours around your dining table.

Can you add the rustic style into your bedroom?

The bedroom is probably the place you find it easiest to inject maximum comfort. Here, a classic wooden bed frame instantly gives that country appeal. If you are short on storage space, a natural looking ottoman bed frame could be a game-changer.

Fairmont wooden bed frame from Fishpools

Adding a selection of picture frames can really give that homely feel you are after. Rather than just having one or two larger frames on each wall, consider using multiple, smaller frames arranged together. This gives a fantastic feature point to the room and gives you the chance to showcase more of your favourite photographs and prints.

Flowers in rustic style bedroom - Fishpools

When it comes adding the finishing touches to your rustic country design, there is probably one essential accessory: flowers. Collections of fresh flowers dotted around the home add colour and vitality, and (if you chose the right blooms) a fresh scent to any room. They really help to bring the natural world into the home and brighten up dull corners. To add that rustic feel, try displaying flowers in old watering cans, glass milk bottles and aged, tin buckets.

Where to look for style inspiration?

As with any interior design, always take the time to browse for inspiration. We always find flea markets a great source of creative stimulation – and can be a great trip out for all the family.


Rustic antique style table lamp - Fishpools

The abundant rustic accessories and second-hand furniture could be used to create that feeling of history in your space, or just to give you ideas for your own belongings. If you’re up to the challenge, markets can also give you some great ideas for your own DIY creations. Perhaps some shelves built from wood you actually chopped or trying your hand at building a stylish Edison lamp for the perfect, warm lighting.

Browsing for inspiration on rustic oak table - Fishpools

Of course, online there are thousands of websites and influencers full of creative, rustic ideas. Take your time to look through them and build the look and feel you are going for. With so much information available online, it’s easy to get carried away and, before you know it, you’ll have a confusion of styles in your home.


The country home design is one of the most sought-after styles around. Opting for natural materials and the addition of second-hand or home-made accessories, is the key to creating a sociable and rustic atmosphere in any space. No matter where you are based, bringing a cosy, country feel to your home is a must this season.