Christmas adverts are already rolling through, but don’t fret. With some careful planning and our creative ideas, you can plan the festive party of the year totally stress-free.


Choosing the right dateColourful diary to help planning

Selecting the best day for everyone can be a bit manic. You won’t be able to please everyone. Some people may be on holiday or may have already made other arrangements. To save you the hassle of sending out loads of messages and going through all the replies, consider using Doodle (an online polling system) instead. Here, your guests can select the dates that work best for them and see other invitees preferred dates. The date with the most votes, will take the win. Easy!

Deciding the perfect moodCocktail at a bar

How do you want everyone to feel on the day? Energised and celebratory or relaxed and reflective? Start there and the rest will follow. The mood you create will influence your party outcome – from your table setting to your drink menu to the venue choice.

To bring a touch of festive magic to your special occasion, why not try to create your very own winter wonderland? Decorate your home or venue with unique accessories and select key colours that will run throughout. The devil is in the detail, so focus on the intricate aspects like sparkling napkin rings or crystal glasses.

When it comes to the attire, the dress code should reflect the mood you wish to establish. Do you want to be glammed up in black tie or laidback in casual wear? If you do need some visual inspiration, check out our festive mood board.

Picking an unforgettable menuDinner on wooden table at a party

Christmas is a time where we all seem to indulge, and couch potato becomes our middle name.

One idea for your Christmas menu is to have a mix of different canapes from a range of different styled food – this could work well if you don’t have a lot of room to serve plenty of food, as they can easily rest on your stylish coffee table.

If the focus of your party is the food, then the traditional route of serving and prepping a three-course meal is always triumphant. For some inspiration on what to include, browse this moodboard for some delightful ideas.

Dressing the table is also another part of the dining experience that should not be forgotten. The opulence tableware range, is a staple to enhance the Christmas mood. For a more glamorous feel, there’s a luxe runner in Champagne and Gold; with its eye-catching detailing it’s sure to make an opulent addition to your party.


Selecting the perfect drinksChoosing the perfect drink

Mulled wine must be on top of the list for a Christmas beverage. A hint of spice, fruit and cinnamon makes an irresistible aroma. In fact, there are a variety of different types of mulled wine you can choose from.

An eggnog inspired Christmas cocktail is sure to enhance a festive feeling amongst your guests. It’s rich and flavoursome taste is perfect for the rum loves among you.


Focus on the entertainment Fun party entertainment - Fishpools

Whether it’s getting up and telling awful (but funny) dry jokes, or organising a game to get all involved, entertainment is vital for any Christmas do. If your budget is on the lower end, it’s an opportunity to break out the board games or try your hand at creating your own game.

If you know your audience well, especially if they are close family and friends, group them into pairs and ask them facts about each other or funny memories and they can guess who it’s all about. You can include prizes for the winner and runner-ups.

Christmas parties are a sentimental way of tying up the end of the year and gathering everyone to enjoy the last few moments left of the year.


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