The living room is the most versatile space in the house. It’s used for many different purposes throughout the year – whether that’s watching TV with the family, hosting the annual Christmas party or accommodating an extra guest for the night. Here are some practical ways for you to maximise your space.

The living room is your home’s centre. It’s a place to relax and unwind, and even sleep. It’s also the best spot for a party. We’ve rounded up some practical tips and tricks, so you can make the most of your living room, whatever the occasion.

Maximise space for your drinks party

How to maximise your living space

We don’t need a reason to have friends and family over for drinks, but Christmas is always the perfect excuse. It’s a time to come together and enjoy one another’s company over a glass of mulled wine or mince pie.

If you’re planning a standing drinks party, the size of your living room doesn’t need to inhibit your fun. To maximise your space, simply rearrange your furniture. Move your sofa against the wall, where it won’t interrupt the flow of conversation, and move any unnecessary items, like cushions, throws and even side tables, to a spare room.

A footstool can be a handy party accessory. A space-saving place to sit, it doubles up as a somewhere to rest a tray of food or drinks when you’re tired of handing them around. Its compact size means it can easily be used in other rooms of the home, too. One like the Espirit will give a contemporary feel to your party, while also providing a place to stow away any clutter.


Turn your living room into a guest bedroom

The ability to transform your living room into a bedroom at the drop of a hat is particularly welcome at Christmas.

Azure sofa bed - Fishpools

Using a sofa bed, instead of a regular sofa, is a practical answer to maximising your space. The clever design offers comfortable seating during the day, and, with a quick and easy adjustment, it becomes a bed for those extra guests to sleep on.

Metro sofa bed - Fishpools

Sofa bed options like the Sarasota combine exquisite style and comfort with modern practicality. With a range of size options available, such as the Deluxe Mattress Corner Group, you can find the perfect fit to match your space.


Prepare for your family gathering with seating

Seating a crowd this Christmas doesn’t need to be a problem.

Amarna dining table set - Fishpools

Preparing your home for the annual family gathering can be made easier with a new dining table set. Designs like the Amarna come in a range of different sizes to seat large and small families.

Roslyn bench - Fishpools

If you’re worried about seating everyone at the table, switch your chairs for a space-saving bench. The Roslyn bench, for example, will perfectly complement any modern interior whilst providing effortless comfort for all the family. After all, Christmas is all about cosying up with loved ones.


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