Warm your party guests on arrival with this classic seasonal drink. A Hot Toddy is a simple yet refined drink that can look impressive with minimal effort and whipped up in a jiffy. Ideal for unexpected guests or for slow sipping on an evening wrapped up on the sofa. We think adding a cinnamon stick will really impress at a dinner party but if it’s just for you, you can easily pull this together with the ingredients in your cupboard and enjoy a no frills version.

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You will need- For one glass:

25ml whisky

1tsp honey

1 lemon

Hot water

Cinnamon sticks (optional for garnish)

Mix the whisky and honey together first and add to your glass, top up with boiling hot water. Add some lemon juice to taste. This drink can be very easily personalised and playing with the quantities of honey and lemon really alter the taste.

Finish with a slice of lemon and if you want to embellish more, add either a half a cinnamon stick too. Always check your glass is suitable for hot drinks before pouring. Enjoy!