With the clocks going back on 28th October, you’re likely to feel a little out of sync. Adjusting to a new time can confuse your body’s natural rhythm, leaving you disorientated.

Lighting can play a huge part in helping you adapt. It can reduce the jet-lagged feeling that comes with a time change and give your bedroom a warm and calming atmosphere for the colder months ahead.

Fishpools - Perfect Bedroom Lighting

It’s important to get the lighting in your bedroom right, so you can go from one activity to the other – dressing, relaxing and reading – before finally going to sleep. At Fishpools, we’ve identified the three essential areas of lighting you need to think about in order to perfectly light your bedroom.

General lighting

This is the lighting you use when you’re getting on with day-to-day tasks, such as putting clothes away, changing the bedsheets, or hoovering. For these chores, lighting needs to be bright and definite; there’s no point in trying to clean your bedroom if you can’t see dust on the furniture or small items hidden behind the bed.
Fishpools - Adeja Pendant Lighting

A general lighting state is best achieved by lighting from above. The best sources are pendant lamps and flush fittings, such as our Louise Pendant, Adeja Pendant or Vega 4 Light Flush. It’s important to choose a style that suits your bedroom, but don’t forget to think about the lightbulbs too.

Task lighting

Statistics from the Sleep Council of Great Britain reveal that 41% of us like to read before drifting off to sleep. This is where ‘task lighting’ comes in.

Task lighting is lower-level lighting that still allows us to see without straining our eyes but is ambient enough that it won’t disturb a sleeping partner or prevent us from nodding off.

It comes in a variety of forms, from sizes to styles, yet for the perfect calm setting for reading then this lighting is perfect for your bedside table.

Bedside lamps, such as our Pod Touch Lamp and our Valencia Lamp add elegance to any bedroom and can easily add a warming glow to light even the darkest of corners.

Fishpools - Abbey Nickel Floor Lamp

Wall lights, such as our Angel Wall Light and directional lamps, such as our Area Spot, can be used to create defined zones of light, which are perfect for reading.

Accent lighting

Also known as ‘mood lighting’, accent lighting is what you use to create atmosphere. Whether it’s for romance or relaxation, achieving the right lighting state can make or break your evening.

You usually want to achieve a cosy, warming glow. It’s this glow that can help combat the inconvenient effects of Daylight Saving Time and help you settle down to a good night’s sleep. Lights such as our Radian Double LED Wall Light and our Toulouse Floor Lamp create diffuse areas of light perfect for unwinding.
Fishpools - Toulous Table Lamp

Accent lighting can also be used to pick out certain features of the room, such as pictures or pieces of furniture, giving your room an inviting atmosphere.

The right bulbs are as important as the style of lamp you choose. We offer a range of bulbs, including the vintage-looking Valve LED Bulb, which can be dimmed to your taste.

Once you’ve considered these three layers of lighting, you’ll have options to play with, depending on your need and mood. In the cold, winter months, it can also help to promote just the right conditions to get a full and refreshing night’s sleep.