This simple nostalgic recipe is sure to be a family favourite, perfect for autumn eves wrapped up on the sofa. Serves 4.


3 medium apples

2 tbsp golden caster sugar


175g plain flour

110g golden caster sugar

110g butter

1 tsp cinnamon

Pinch of salt


Preheat the oven to 180 degrees. Measure your ingredients up before-hand and maybe pop some music on to help you get into the groove for making the crumble topping.
To make the topping, put the flour, salt, cinnamon and sugar into a large mixing bowl. Mix together well and once it looks even, start adding in the butter in small cubes at a time. Rub gently together between fingertips to create a breadcrumb like texture. Tip: Don’t overwork the mix, as it can make a sandy texture which won’t crunch quite as nicely when cooked.

For the filling, core and peel your apples. For consistent size, quarter the apple and then cut into smaller chunks approx 1cm pieces or use an apple divider for ease.

Add apples to a buttered baking dish and cover with the sugar, mix together lightly. You can add a sprinkle of cinnamon here if you wish for extra depth. Top with the crumble and using the base of your hand or large spoon, flatten down the topping to release some air and achieve a crunchy, crumbly top. To add extra crunch, sprinkle over a tbsp of rolled oats and a tbsp. of demerara sugar.

Bake for 40 mins until golden on top, using a fork to test the apples are soft underneath. Serve with warm custard or ice cream.

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