Let’s talk about the shelfie. The ever popular term for taking photos of your shelves. A perfectly curated set of shelves are both Instagram worthy and a styling must.

Read our key tips which you can apply to any shelves at home, whether it’s a stand-alone kitchen shelf or a full bookcase. Follow these and add your own personal flair to reach peak home styling status.shelfie 2

  1. Choose your ideal bookcase or shelf

Match the material to the rest of your room, unless you’ve opted for a more eclectic look. If you’re having trouble choosing, browse our range online or in store where a member of staff can help. Our current favourite is the striking modern Amarna Tall bookcase.


  1. Pick the best

Assess what actually needs to go on the shelves. Good books, tick. Your favourite ornaments, tick. Books you’ll never read again… maybe give them to the charity shop or pop them away in storage. Too many ornaments? Consider spreading them out through the house rather than all in one place. Shop here for more inspiration.

  1. From big to small

So we’re down to your best pieces and a clean set of shelves. Start with your biggest items, which tend to be books or vases. One at a time, place one large item per shelf being careful not to overwhelm any one space. Then start introducing smaller bits.shelfie 4

  1. Odd numbers

Odd numbers work really well. So add three or five books on each shelf, some stacked, some standing. And one or three smaller bits to an area.

  1. Vary heights

Varying the height of items on a shelf draws your eyes to look across at everything individually. For example, standing books go great next to shorter wider ornaments. Avoid putting two things on a shelf that are roughly the same height or make sure they’re not next to each other.

  1. Colour and shapes

If you have two vases, put them on separate shelves on opposing sides. If there is a theme of colour running through your items, distribute those evenly too.shelfie 3

  1. Add art & plants

When we say art, this can be pictures, postcards, posters, anything really. Putting posters and postcards in frames can make it look like a work of art. Place these furthest back and use one or two small ornaments just in front. Plants will bring the shelf to life but make sure it’s hardy, like a cactus or succulent if the area doesn’t get a lot of light.

  1. Step back

Stepping back allows you to see the main shapes, colours and spaces as an overall picture. You might spend a while moving things around until they’re right. If you’re unsure, take a quick shelfie on your phone and look at the picture on your screen for fresh perspective.

shelfie 1

If you’re thinking you may need new accessories for your perfect shelfie, we’ve collated a few must-have pieces for you. We love these beautiful blossom trays which can be arranged either flat or standing. Our tear drop recycled glass vase is very on trend and will add texture and shape. And this geometric Prisma photo frame is ideal for either photos or framing postcards.


Have you taken an awesome shelfie following these steps that you want to show off? We’d love to hear about it, tag us in your picture and we’ll share it on our Instagram!