Spiced Honey has been announced as Dulux’s 2019 Colour of the Year. Described as a warm amber tone, with hints of caramel. It’s certainly a raw foodie colour with a gentle warmth to ease us into our autumn/winter palettes.colour of the year

‘The colour is inspired by the world and cultural climate today. 2018 was a turbulent year, with much unpredictability that forced people to retreat. 2019 will be their awakening.’ according to Dulux and the team of international design experts who analyse global trends to determine the colour each year. ‘This is a stimulating colour that will bring optimism and confidence.’

We think the neutrality and versatility of Spiced Honey will certainly be timeless. It will sit alongside natural woods and warm neutrals as well as offsetting some of the bolder blues and reds predicted to be on trend this season.Bentley spiced honeyIf you’re thinking of painting a room in Spiced Honey, we’ve compiled our perfect complementing pieces to create harmonious balance for your 2019.


Complimenting colours for Spiced Honey are warm natural tones and materials like leather. Which is why we think the Bentley is the perfect accompaniment. If you’re looking to style your home with the latest trends, then a button-back sofa is certainly a must right now. With its retro legs and traditional low back, this sofa will suit any interior. To bring those warm red-brown tones to life, accessorise with flashes of gold and copper detail in cushions, side tables and ornaments.

bremen oak diningDINING ROOM

This timeless oak dining range sits in perfect harmony with the hues of spiced honey, allowing a dining space to be comforting as well as relaxing. For accessories in this room, opt for similar woods and grains, then match white and off-white linens and fabrics to tie together.


This colour calls out for graphic patterns and natural textures, like Eaton Rug in gold which mixes subtle tones with a bold geometric pattern. Soft off-whites and creams in fabrics will gently contrast against a spiced honey wall, see the Lagan Lamp and Cobble Cushion. To add the finishing touch as we head into autumn, the WW Hearthwick Candle in Linen. Styling a room with scent is the perfect finishing touch to any interior.


Tell us what you think of the colour! Will it be featuring in your home by 2019? Have your say and let us know @FishpoolsUK on Instagram, Twitter or Facebook.