Have you been on holiday recently where the cosy luxury of the hotel has made you never want to leave? Fear not – we’ve rounded up some simple ideas to recreate that lavish feel in your own bedroom.

What does a cosy bedroom mean?

The feeling of cosiness in your bedroom is synonymous with the environment that you create. Simple tweaks, from lighting to accessories, can have a profound impact on your mood and thus support a restful night’s sleep.

How could a cosy bedroom benefit you?

We spend so much time in our bedrooms that they become an extension of ourselves. Influences, interests and outlook are prudently decorated upon the walls and help shape the person and mood with every glance.

Cosy Bedroom Ideas

What are the benefits of a restful night’s sleep?

It’s important that we feel comfortably at home in our bedrooms as it will relax your mind and you’ll feel at peace and ready for a restful night.

Sleep is a chance to relax, to escape from reality and enter a world of relaxation. It’s more than some ‘me-time’, as sleep can also have great benefits on your health and well-being.

A good night’s rest can improve your brain function, from concentration to performance. A study found that a lack of sleep had similarly cognitive results as alcohol intoxication, proving the important impact of sleep on your rational functioning.

So, whether it’s a weekend in Paris or a spa retreat in Essex, there are fewer experiences than vacation that welcome an indulgent night’s rest.

With your feet seeped into the cloud-like flooring, and your head laid upon an Everest of cushions, it’s a dreamy utopia that we often believe is restricted to hotel walls.

Yet, we’ve hand-selected the best solutions to bring that plush feeling to your bedroom – the winning formula for a 5-star restful night’s sleep.

Cosy Bedroom Ideas

Accessorise with Cushions and Throws

Texture is a great place to start. Think cushion and throws, and plenty of them. This will add a warming dynamic to your room, as the luxurious fabrics resonate with instant cosiness that can also be eye-catching pieces too.

Fishpools Elgin Throw Brown

A throw like the Elgin Brown is perfect for those searching for a soft accent to match their bedroom. The thick texture is perfect to curl up with on those chilly evenings or as a statement piece at the foot of your bed.

Kylie Silver Diamond Cushion - Fishpools

Silver cushions are the ultimate neutral palette that can calm the mind by adding a soothing dimension to your room. For a soft look with a hint of glamour, consider incorporating the Kylie Minogue Silver Diamond cushion into your bedding design.

Clever Lighting

Lighting is always key. Whether you’re taking that perfect holiday snap or creating an intimate setting. Cleverly placing lighting across your room can generate the perfect ambience of an atmospheric glow that will calm your mind ready for an impeccable night’s sleep.

Fishpools Aphrodite Nickel Tube Lamp

A unique floor lamp like our Aphrodite Nickel Tube Lamp, creates a soothing mood with a delicate chain design that will illuminate your room with a distinctive look.

Fishpools Estrella Floor Lamp

In contrast, dominate the room with statement style and calming disposition.
Our Estrella Floor lamp is an elegant floor lamp with a glittering array of crystal buttons along the stand, and an ivory faux silk shade to generate a calming illumination.

Sumptuous Rugs

A cosy feel can often also be determined by your choice in flooring accessory, like rugs. For a truly sumptuous feeling on your feet, it’s good to invest in quality long-lasting rugs that are delightful on your feet as well as your eyes.

Galleria Rug - Fishpools

Our Galleria Rug in silver is a high-quality design that will add a touch of calming style to your bedroom. Available in a range of tones and patterns to complement your taste and mood – it’s a soothing addition that will set you up for endless nights of relaxation.

Fishpools - Fading World Generation Rug

For a stand-out design matched with uplifting comfort, our Fading World Generation rug in raspberry cream is a dreamy choice for many home interiors. The unique fading design gives this rug a vintage feel, and with a wholesome fabric it boasts luxury that you will treasure for years to come.

Hotel quality cosiness that offers first-rate night’s sleep doesn’t have to be refined to special occasions. Implementing our simple ideas will transform your bedroom for unforgettable days and nights.
We would love to see how you’re transforming your rooms for a cosy touch. Don’t hesitate to tag us in your cosy bedroom designs on Twitter and Instagram!