What better to cool you down than a homemade cocktail in the garden? And, if they’re lucky, you might even invite friends round to enjoy them with you. We’ve curated our top picks of the most refreshing cocktails, and the ideal glassware to compliment them.alcohol-bar-party-cocktailMojito


50 ml White Rum

12 ml Sugar Syrup

25 ml Lime Juice

2 Mint sprigs

Mint leaves

Crushed ice

Start by adding rum to a highball glass. Add approximately 8 – 10 mint leaves and the sugar syrup and lime juice. Mix or ‘muddle’ with a spoon then add crushed ice and a splash of soda. Mix and top up with more crushed ice. To garnish, snap 2 mint sprigs to release essence and add to the drink. To finish, top with soda to taste. A minty fresh classic best served in a tumbler or highball glass.wine glassesAperol Spritz


soda (25ml)

Prosecco (75ml)

Aperol (50ml)


Ice cubes

For this fun fizzy refresher, fill a wine glass with ice cubes. Then pour the Prosecco over the ice. Next, pour three parts Aperol into each glass, stir and finish with a dash of soda. Garnish your spritz with a slice of orange and enjoy immediately.pexels-photo-316891Elderflower Cooler


50ml elderflower cordial

150ml elderflower liqueur

150ml gin

330ml can sparkling water

2 thyme sprigs

2 rosemary sprigs

Ice cubes

An elegant long drink with a botanical edge. Into a large jug, pour the elderflower cordial, elderflower liqueur, gin and a bowl of ice cubes into a large jug. Stir all together then mix in the thyme and rosemary. Strain into 4 tall glasses or flutes and top with soda and add a few more ice cubes.gin glassesGin & Tonic with a twist


1 Lemon

Pink Peppercorn

50ml Gin

100ml Tonic

Ice cubes

A simple G&T with a refreshing twist. Use a knife or peeler to take curls of lemon rind. Add the rind and a sprinkle of pink peppercorn to the glass with ice. Next add gin and tonic, then garnish with a lemon slice. To enjoy the full flavour at its best, serve with lots of ice cubes in a big G&T glass or wine glass.

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