A beautiful flower arrangement can really set off a room. So with all the effort you’ve put in designing and styling your room, make sure your bouquet and vase are the right match!

What you’ll need before you start:

  • Vase (see below for inspiration)
  • Flowers and foliage
  • Water
  • Garden scissors or shears

Before buying your flowers, think about the colours to compliment your room. A handy tip is to use a colour wheel for reference. As a rule, colours sitting directly opposite each other are Complimentary and are said to complete one other. Colours sat side by side are called Analogue and will usually work well together. A great place to start, is to think about matching the flowers to the ‘feel’ of your room. For example, a cream room would fall under warm colours which run from yellow to red. A grey room is a cool colour so match with colours like blues and purples.

Flower 4Prep

Any leaves that will sit below the water line need to be stripped to prevent bacteria growing in the water and your flowers will last longer. Hold up stems to the vase to roughly measure.

Base your arrangement around your vase shape, a tall vase will mean a higher bouquet and a shorter wide vase will suit a rounded arrangement.

For Roses- remove any discoloured outer petals, these are harder petals used to protect the flower, below these you’ll reveal the soft healthy petals.

Always cut your stems at an angle to allow them to drink up as much water as possible, cut from about an inch from the bottom or more for your desired vase height.

Flowers 2

Arranging your masterpiece!

  • Criss-cross the stems to create a full bouquet that holds itself well
  • You’ll want to gradually build up the arrangement in layers so lay everything out clearly
  • Start with greenery first and create the base to work around
  • Move on to your smaller flowers and start forming the shape
  • Add your largest or most colourful stems last and spread out evenly to build a balanced arrangement
  • Twist your vase round to make sure it looks right from every angle. Don’t worry if it needs rearranging again or it takes a while to get the look right, take your time and enjoy the process

Flowers 1

Change the water after 3 days to keep blooms looking fresh. For something longer lasting and easier to work with (as well as pet friendly!), why not have a look at our faux flowers in store.


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