At Fishpools, we’re committed to giving back to the people who live and work where we do. Over the past few years, we’ve proudly supported the charity ‘Furniture Makers’ and their student facing brand, ‘Young Furniture makers’. We chose two students from London Metropolitan University, Moe Redish & Abbie Tipler and provided bursaries towards their studies in Furniture and Design. We were pleased to head over to ‘The Cass 2018’ Summer Show to see their final projects.

Final 2The final show looked fantastic with a lot of clear emerging talent in the room, in particular our supported students. The final project brief was set by Joined + Jointed’ Samuel Chan, to design an original piece of furniture for a contemporary live-work space. Alongside the project was the opportunity to collaborate with Joined + Jointed on a commercial piece. Moe and Abbie were both shortlisted for the collaboration, with Moe actually winning the competition. Moe’ final piece will be revealed this September at the London Design Festival. We’re really excited to see what the winning design looks like!

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A Word with Abbie

What first sparked your interest in furniture?

I’ve always been really interested in making things, ever since I was younger I would always make things at home out of cardboard, washing up bottles and left-over containers. It was only when I went to college to study 3D Design, it sparked my interest in furniture.

How would you describe your creative style? Are you inspired by any particular artist/style?

I don’t think I have a particular creative style, I just kind of go with the flow and mind map my ideas. I have a love for Timothy Oulton’s furniture, however I don’t particularly think that the furniture influences my style.

What has the Fishpools bursary meant for you?

It’s meant that I could spend much more time at university in my final year than I have been able to previously. Experimenting was something that I was never able to do in 1st and 2nd year because I couldn’t afford to be experimental with materials. This year I feel like I have broadened my knowledge of different types of materials and their properties.

Which piece of work are you most proud of and why?

I am definitely most proud of my piece called Creation Space. This piece was design for mind mapping and idea generation in offices. (See website for video)

Final 4What can we expect to see from you in the future?

I plan to go to Goldsmith University to complete a PGCE in Design and Technology. In the future I want to teach design to the younger generation to keep the industry alive with passionate and creative people.


A Word With Moe

We we’re lucky enough to catch Moe at the exhibition and ask him some questions about his style, studies and how the bursary has helped him;

What first sparked your interest in furniture?

I wasn’t too sure what I wanted to do after school, but learning a trade seemed like a good idea. I did a Diploma in Carpentry but the course lacked focus, detail and quality. At this point I really felt that I wanted to do something more creative. I later saw The Cass was looking for students and knew I wanted to apply.

How would you describe your creative style? Are you inspired by any particular artist/style?

Function is really important to me, anything I create has to have a prime function and use, even the more decorative pieces I’ve made. The folded porcelain pots can hold pens or similar, and still has a main function. My style is definitely traditional, I like simple wood furniture.

What has the Fishpools bursary meant for you?

With the help of the bursary, I was able to spend more time at University focusing on my work and studies. I didn’t need a part time job outside of the course. It’s also really allowed me to bring projects to life. The timber used in my projects was costly, the bursary meant I didn’t have to hold back on materials. I could also outsource external skills like glass blowing, used in my tumblers. I could really go for it with my ideas.

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Which piece of work are you most proud of and why?

The cabinets called ‘Lift’ because it’s the type of furniture that originally got me into furniture design, and it’s the first thing that really fits my style.

 What can we expect to see from you in the future?

In September my piece for the Joined + Joint competition will be revealed at the London Design Festival. Then I also plan to set up a studio in the next few years with a friend from the course, we have very different styles but our friendship means we work well together.

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London Design Festival runs from 15th– 23rd September to see Moe’s winning furniture design

Read more about Young Furniture Company here

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