The dining room table is at the centre of all family activity so it’s important that this central hub fits all the members of your family comfortably. It is also important that the table complements your dining space without making the room too overcrowded, or on the flip side, without appearing lost amongst the space.

To find out how to find the perfect dining table for your dining room that will equally balance the interior of your space and your needs, follow this guide.

While you, of course, need to find the perfect table that ticks off all of your hosting requirements, from a casual family weekend brunch to a glamorous dinner party, you first need to assess what shape and size table will best fit in the available space.

Room size

When choosing a table, you also need to ensure that there is enough space for your guests to comfortably sit around and enjoy a meal, plus walk around the table without being too close to the wall.

To check if you have enough table-wall clearance for your desired table:

  1. Start by taking a bedsheet and folding it to the measurements of the table.
  2. Then place the folded bedsheet in your dining room, where you are envisioning your table is in the room.
  3. Next measure the space around your room and ensure that there is at least 100cm – 120com clearance between the bedsheet and the wall.

This will confirm if your space is large enough to accommodate the table and comfortably fit your guests.

Image of a dinner party with guests, or the below

Table size

Now you have an estimate of what size dining table will fit in your space you can begin looking at different table shapes.

In general, you should allow 80cm for each of your guests to dine comfortably, however if you’re pushed for space and have many mouths to feed 60cm of table surface per person can suffice.

These guidelines will help you to decide on the number of guests you can fit around your desired table. Although, the surface you create for your guests is entirely down to your personal style and personal needs.

Table Shape

Rectangular dining table

Rectangular shaped tables are great for narrow rooms as they offer a seating solution that may not be possible with other table shapes.

Many rectangular table designs are also available with expandable sections which is beneficial for individuals who are anticipating more guests in the future, such as growing families or party hosts.

choose a dining table

The Bernini Extending Dining Table is the perfect accompaniment to any dining room looking to add a luxurious feel, as the fabulous high gloss finish and marble detailing oozes glamour.

A grand rectangular dinner table will create a bold and traditional statement in many dining rooms. Plus, with the possibility of adding seating positions to both ends of the table, your guests can enjoy a formal yet sociable dinner setting.

Square dining table

Square dining tables are perfect for any homes looking to space save as they can be pushed up to the corner of a wall and moved out of the way when they are not in use.

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Square tables create an intimate setting for your guests to enjoy as the dining experience takes centre stage, just like the rustic and homely styled Nevada Square Dining Table.

The Nevada Dining Collection features a combination of benches, sideboards and occasional tables so you can be sure to find the right furniture pieces to suit your dining space. The collection has been crafted from reclaimed timber, adding a unique look to many homes.

As your guests will all be facing each other, your dining experiences will be filled with group conversations that may have be lost with a rectangular shape. A square shaped table is also perfect for any hosts who prefer preparing sharing platters as the dishes can easily be passed across the table between guests.

Circular dining table

Circular dining tables are a suitable table shape for small spaces since they offer a relatively large amount of seating space in a relatively small area.

Be aware that while you can compact more seating around a table when necessary, your guests will be very limited to dining space. Although, a round shape means that movement around the table is more accessible for your guests.

choose a dining table

The beautifully designed Calligaris Vortex perfectly allows conversation to flow as the round design creates an easy flowing space for parties and gatherings. The modern base design also creates more leg space for your guests so they can comfortably enjoy the nights proceedings.

Small circular tables can fit suitably in a small kitchen/dinner space without getting in the way. However if you’re looking to invest in a large circular table, ensure that the table doesn’t engulf the room. For instance, restrict any other dining room furniture, such as a storage cabinet or bar from being able to fit into the space as well.

If you are looking to invest in a larger round table, consider including a lazy susan in the design, since the larger the design the harder it becomes to grab an extra slice of garlic bread.

Now you understand which dining table shape and size is best for your dining space, check out our dining room range to find your perfect design, then come and visit us in store and see how we can help you!

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