Across the country, individuals are spending the time to create luxurious living spaces that make the most their available outdoor space. The passion to create an outdoor space where you, your friends and family will spend the long summer days extends beyond traditional garden furniture.

Garden accessories are a key outdoor décor trend that adds a deluxe touch and invites flare to many gardens. From heaters to foot stools, to lanterns, parasols, scatter cushions and storage boxes find the right accessories to complement your garden here.

Outdoor accessories

Foot stools

outdoor accessories

Foot stools are an outdoor accessory which oozes comfort and luxury. You have already invested in a sun lounger, or perhaps a garden dining set, so maximise the opportunities to relax in your outdoor space by propping your feet up after a long day.

Many garden furniture sets come with foot stools such so you don’t have to worry about finding the right design to match your garden furniture. Rattan foot stools not only add a touch of elegance and luxury to your outdoor space, but they also double up as extra seats in case you are planning on accommodating a large number of guests at a garden party.


Summer evenings are a great time to enjoy your garden, the day is setting, and the temperature is mild. But this might not always be the case. When the evening temperature hits a chill, outdoor heaters are a great way to ensure you stay warm when it gets a bit too chilly to make the most of your outdoor space.

Heaters are not only a great way to generate heat in your garden, but they also act as a focal point for socialising. They create a warm ambient atmosphere for you to enjoy with your loved ones, without the need to wait around for the temperature to warm up. Heaters generally emit heat very quickly after they are switched on, which means you and your guests can enjoy the lovely warm benefits of a heater instantly.


outdoor accessories

Where outdoor heaters are great to generate additional heat, parasols are an essential outdoor accessory that provides shade when the midday sun hits its peak.

Including a parasol in your garden removes the need to venture inside to take a break from direct sunlight. This accessory is crucial if you are a household with young children or individuals that are more vulnerable to UV radiation.

There are many different types of parasols that accommodate a variety of purposes, sizes, ease of use, and ease of operation so you can find the right parasol to fit into your garden.

Browse our range of parasols to find a design to suit your style.

Outdoor lights

Garden lighting is a huge garden trend of the moment, they set the scene for a welcoming and romantic entrance into your outdoor space so you can create different moods depending on the occasion.

The right outdoor light also creates a warming ambience for your outdoor space. Whether you’re planning a garden party or a relaxing night in, including outdoor lights or lanterns in your garden design will transform your garden when the day turns to dusk.

Our range of garden lights stem from outdoor LED wall lights to coloured LED globe lights and even a Wazowsky LED lightSpeaker. No matter how you incorporate garden lights into your outdoor space you’ll be able to create the right ambience for your outdoor décor.

Scatter cushionsoutdoor accessories

No garden furniture is complete without the right soft furnishings to complement the design while creating a cosy space for you and your loved ones to enjoy. Scatter cushions transform your garden décor, while also making your space stand out from the crowd.

Many outdoor scatter cushions are available in a range of designs and colours, so no matter your garden décor style, you’ll be able to find the best scatter cushions to suit your tastes.

Storage boxes

outdoor accessories

Outdoor storage boxes can often be considered as an after-thought, where all of your soft or small garden furniture pieces are either kept inside, in the garage or in the garden shed.

However, storage boxes that complement your garden furniture set, such as the Mustique Storage Box is a great alternative place to store any scatter cushions or blankets that are part of your outdoor living space.

Without compromising on style, these rattan storage boxes will blend perfectly with your garden furniture. They are also suitable to withstand all types of weather meaning they can live outdoors all year round.

Free up some of your garage or indoor storage space with a stylish yet practical storage box, simply start by browsing our storage box range.

With the right outdoor accessories, your garden décor will go from a pleasant and enjoyable outdoor area to an elegant and luxury sociable space, that’s perfect for any summer occasion.

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