Your choice of dinnerware should reflect your lifestyle, the ways you and your family prepare and enjoy meals, as well as your personal interior style. If you’re a foodie, you’ll already know the importance of presentation. You need tableware which enhances the dining experience, without taking the spotlight away from your dishes.

Check out these five tableware trends that will elegantly showcase your tasty dishes and have your guests excited to say bon appetit!


Ceramic Tableware

A handpicked set of ceramics that accentuates your personal interior is the perfect way to add a touch of originality to every place-setting.

If you’re hosting an elegant dinner party for a few friends, choose one complete set of ceramic tableware for a sophisticated dinner setting that will let your exquisite menu take centre stage.

For a casual brunch, how about surprising your guests with alfresco dining out on the patio with your garden furniture. For this scenario, mixing and matching different ceramic sets will add colour and character to your dining experience. The combinations of different shapes, textures and shapes will add to the joyous entertainment of a weekend brunch.

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StonewareTableware Trends

Stoneware dining sets have been a growing trend for the last couple of years. This dinnerware may be the new kid on the block, but it is a firm favourite amongst individuals who are looking to add earthy notes to their dining room settings. Stoneware is fired at extremely high temperatures, which is why these tableware sets are known for their durability.

However, just because stoneware is highly durable, it doesn’t mean that the design is compromised. In fact, stoneware is commonly seen in high quality restaurants all over the world. The earthy notes create a rural atmosphere that perfectly frames your dishes for a hearty and well-thought out meal.

This type of tableware works incredibly well with a country dining room scheme and alfresco dining. However stoneware can also bring a natural element to any modern or contemporary home. The textured and unpolished finish contrasts well with the clean and sharp interior.

With so many stoneware variations available you can be sure to find an original set that will provide your home with a fresh and organic feel. Check out our range of dining tables to find the perfect furniture set to accompany your stoneware in your dining room.


Tone on Tone

Just because monochrome typically consists of black and white contrasts, it doesn’t mean you can’t put your own spin on this trend. Experiment with a variety of contrasts that suit your interior decor. Whether it is orange and white, indigo and white or any other combination of your choice, we’re seeing monochrome spike amongst other tableware trends this year.

While some individuals will opt for a dramatic tone on tone, subtler contrasts have also grown in popularity. For instance, millennial pink is a huge colour trend of the moment which has also transferred into tableware.

Millennial pink is being integrated into many interior styles through rosy shades. Rosy tone on tone tableware shades create a soft and modern look for your dining table. This colour scheme will add subtle personality to your dining room, without overpowering your dishes.


Marble Dinnerware

Marble is a huge interiors trend right now, and it is continuing to make its mark throughout the world of interiors. Marble dinnerware is modern and stylish, while also adding a touch of personality to any contemporary kitchen.

If you’re looking to add an extra glam to your dining experience, marble dinnerware sets with simple gold edging can make your table-setting look simple yet sophisticated. This subtle detailing adds an eye-catching element to your tableware, and creates a great canvas for your dishes to take full focus at any special gathering.

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Classic DinnerwareTableware Trends

When it comes to tableware, classical sets never go out of style. A clean and crisp white dinner table set is perfect for the everyday, as well as special occasions. Let your dishes speak for themselves with an elegant and sophisticated classic dinnerware set.

Timeless tableware sets are essential for any vibrant and busy family home. Many classical dinnerware sets are made from bone china meaning they are dishwasher safe, lightweight and chip-resistant.

The subtle details within the tableware designs catch the eye, creating a great balance between design and functionality – letting your dishes speak for themselves.

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Tableware is part of our everyday lives, which means no matter if you’re looking to invest in your first dinnerware set, or you’re exploring which dinnerware set will set the perfect scene for your next dinner party, you’ll be able to find the right set for you.

All of your tableware sets add to your dining collection so you can mix and match which ones you use for breakfast, brunch, lunch, and dinners to suit your style on the day. This means you and your guests will never have the same table setting twice.

As always, we love seeing your dining setting ideas – tag us and share them with us on Twitter and Instagram!