The autumn rich shades of orange, red, yellow and green, and the dark days of winter feel like a lifetime ago. The morning chill is refreshing, and the trees are blossoming, which means one thing – spring is here.

No matter your style, choosing a bedroom scheme that is perfect for your needs is essential to ensure you create a heart-warming and relaxing personal space.

If you’re looking to freshen your bedroom this spring, it’s time to use pastels for a refreshing pop of colour or add vibrant textures and patterns to brighten your bedroom.

Shake off winter and get ready for spring with these five inspirational bedroom trends.



Add a touch of spring green

Celebrate the new season by bringing the refreshing colours of spring into your personal space. Adding shades of green to your bedroom décor doesn’t have to be overpowering, or dominate the colour palettes of the room, simply adding a touch of green can elegantly transform the space.

If you’re looking to incorporate elements of green into your bedroom, add different complimenting, yet contrasting, shades of green to build depth and sophistication. Adding this touch of spring green through bed linen, cushions, and other bed accessories is a great way to achieve this inspired look.

The different contrasts of green reflect the spring colours of new spring growth; such as the fields, the pollen, and the trees. Transform your bedroom space into a vibrant ambiance by checking out our bedroom range.



Blossom as the leaves doSpring colour to your bedroom

Go romantic with flowing florals in pastel colours to create a refreshing yet warming atmosphere for your bedroom. Bring the blooms inside by adding a feminine staple look to your bedroom, like this Ted Baker Blossom Duvet Set.

A floral or blossom bedroom design is the ultimate trend to suit your individual style. Floral bedroom designs exist in many interior styles, so you can be sure you’ll find the right bedroom décor to suit your creative flair.

Go big with beautiful large-scale floral patterns to create a contrasting yet bubbly bedroom atmosphere with botanical cushions. Or add a subtle and delicate blossom touch that adds charm and sophistication to any bedroom, with bed accessories like faux plants.



Create lavender dreams

Lavender doesn’t only bloom in late spring, but it also boosts benefits for pain, stress and sleep relief. Lilac is a staple spring colour boosting elements of pink and purple with cool blue tones.

Adding a touch of lavender to your bedroom will transform your bedroom into a Bohemian wonderland. It may seem like a bold interior change, but lavender is a gorgeous decorating choice for many bedrooms. Check out the Harlequin Salice Duvet Set for some delicate lavender inspiration.

Purple, specifically ultraviolet, is Pantone’s Colour of the Year 2018 for its complexity, imagination and versatility. Purple is a hot trend this year, so combine this colour palette with a touch of spring, and freshen your bedroom with a purple inspired space.

If you prefer darker, richer more complex purple tones consider adding a new headboard to your bed, like the Kaymed Charlotte Headboard. A staple modern headboard design in this colour palette will add a touch of luxury, with a blend of spring, to your personal space.


Invite with sky blue huesSpring colour to your bedroom

Lift your room with a pastel-blue makeover. Pastel blues have a visual association to a beautiful crisp spring morning, meaning you’ll wake up refreshed and mindful of the day ahead.

Blue tones are known for their calming and soothing properties, so invite this spring colour into your bedroom to create a perfect restful and restoring space. If you’re looking to decorate your whole space, how about creating a feature wallpaper wall.

Or if you’re looking to incorporate sky blue hues into your existing neutral colour scheme consider the Blue Dandelion Rug or Harlequin Postelia Lagoon Duvet Set to enhance the calming energy in your bedroom.


Get adventurous with bold patternsSpring colour to your bedroom

If summer is your season and you’re ready to embrace the bright colours, warm air and long summer evenings, then hit the ground running with your bedroom décor and get adventurous with bold patterns.

Look at different design trends so you can find a bold theme to meet your spring interior inspiration. Turn your bedroom into a tropical hideaway or boast classic English botanicals to create an inspired and creative space for any summer-loving bedroom.

Fill your bedroom with bold joyous prints that will remind you of the warm summer days every time you come to rest in your bedroom. Create a striking space with patterns and prints that will complement a neutrally designed interior, such as the Oasis Leighton Duvet Set or the Poppy Designer Chair.



We spend a lot of time in our bedrooms, usually and most importantly to wind down after a long day and get a peaceful night’s sleep. This means it is crucial that your bedroom feels right to you, it is one of the only places in our lives that is utterly personal to us.

Choose a spring bedroom scheme that speaks to you, so you can create a dreamy space to spend your time in. To find a creative solution for your space, get in touch with our interior design team.

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