Neutral colour palettes create a calm and relaxing environment for any contemporary home. To create a warming yet stylish home you need to find a balance of tones, materials, textures and rich fabrics to bring complexity to your contemporary style.

While a sofa is the foundation of your family living space, it also plays a key part in achieving a successful home décor and welcoming atmosphere. Here are five inspired sofa collections so you can find the right sofa for your home.


The Poppy Sofa CollectionNeutral Sofa Designs

The Poppy Sofa Collection is perfect for contemporary homes that are looking to add personality to their living room, without compromising on design or comfort. This sofa design has subtle 60s influence, adding retro flare to the surrounding space. Combine the lounger sofa or large sofa with the Poppy Snuggler and Poppy Oval Stool for a stylish living set up that’ll bring character to the centre of your home.

The oval stool and scatter cushions present an ideal opportunity to add accents of colours that you love to your room. Warm tones of orange or blues will add small notes of colour while complimenting your neutral contemporary design.

Explore The Poppy Sofa Collection to find the right sofa design to compliment your home!


The Novara Sofa CollectionNeutral Sofa Designs

If you’re looking for your sofa to make a statement, then the Novara Corner Collection may be the perfect sofa for you. The leather range is available in a variety of individual units, so you can build the right sofa layout to fit all the family.

Frame the seating area as the centre piece of your living room with side tables and a rug. Then add an extra touch of glamour with optional contrasting stitching and complementary scatter cushions to enhance the textures and complexity of the leather design.

Since this sofa collection is leather, it is perfect for family life. Leather is generally easier to clean than fabric, and with the right care can last for many years.

So if you’re seeking to find a balance between contemporary home décor and family life, this corner leather sofa collection could be a match made in heaven. Explore the Novara Collection to see for yourself.



The Farringdon Sofa CollectionNeutral Sofa Designs

To emphasise the luxurious and contemporary feel of a neutral colour palette, add layers and textures to surface warmth and interest within the living room. The Farringdon Sofa Collection is a great range to build complexity from as its retro-glam design easily draws attention, making this sofa the focal point of your living room.

The range includes a number of stools, all in different shapes and sizes, so you can start building texture with a secondary statement piece in your living room. Once you have chosen a texture for the stool which complements your living room décor, incorporate variations of the texture and pattern into scatter cushions, artwork, rugs or throws.

Since the Farringdon Sofa Collection is available in a variety of sizes, the large sofa, compact sofa or snuggler chair are also a great fit for any smaller home. With an affordable price tag, you can complement your contemporary living room with design and let the accessories add a touch of sophistication to your home décor. Shop the Farringdon Sofa Collection.



The Wilshire Sofa CollectionNeutral Sofa Designs

Keep it cool and calm with a flow of warm tones throughout your living space. Additional living room furniture such as side tables, coffee tables, and lamps will cement the neutral palette of the room with their dark coloured frames, meaning you tuck a modern square-style corner sofa suitably into the corner of the room.

The Wilshire Sofa Collection features plump seat cushions that ooze luxury and encourage relaxation. This large handmade sofa design will comfortably fit all of your guests and even double up as a place to sleep if your guests need to stay over after a night of entertainment.

The luxurious design of this sofa collection speaks for itself, so you can maintain a beautifully cool, calm and contemporary living space with minimal accents of colour. Next time family and friends come to visit, you know you’ve got it covered with the Wilshire Collection.



The Infinity Corner Sofa CollectionNeutral Sofa Designs

Grey interiors are a huge trend at the moment, and it is not hard to see why. Warm shades of grey create a cosy living space, so when you return home you feel welcomed and comforted as soon as you step through your door.

Look out for grey shades with a mix of either yellow or red in them for an inviting interior and warming décor. The Infinity Corner Sofa Collection is customisable from a large selection of beautiful fabrics so you’ll be able to find the perfect grey shade, or any other neutral shade, that suits your contemporary interior.

This sofa range truly offers a luxurious space to relax. While the most popular units of the range are the corner groups, the Infinity Collection is also available in two, three or four-seater sofas so can find the most fitting sofa design to suit your living space.

If you’re looking to incorporate a grey colour palette scheme into your home, explore how subtle wallpaper patterns or dark coloured flooring can transform your space. This transforming will change the focal point of your living space to your Infinity sofa. The Infinity Sofa Collection can quickly become the start of your living room, discover how by browsing the range.



While contemporary interiors fall under one broad category, there is a huge variation in individual styles when it comes to decorating your home.

Regardless of your home décor and your lifestyle needs, feel inspired by these five sofa collections so you can find the right sofa for your home, then share your living room interiors with us on Twitter and Instagram!