Rattan garden furniture has been a firm garden furniture favourite for a few years now. It is luxurious, stylish and durable so you can see why many garden enthusiasts across the country welcome rattan furniture collections into their home. But just because rattan is a hugely popular garden furniture trend it doesn’t mean your garden can’t stand out from the crowd.


Rattan garden furniture is a staple feature of many stylish and luxurious garden designs. While the design oozes comfort and luxury, rattan garden collections are still practical and hard-wearing.

In general, rattan furniture requires little maintenance and can withstand all moderate weather conditions. Rattan is fireproof, can be pressure washed, includes UV protection and is made from PU rattan material.

Any accompanying soft furnishings, such as cushions, are machine washable so you can be confident that your quirky rattan garden furniture will last a lifetime.


Here are a few rattan garden furniture pieces that can add some character and quirkiness to your garden:


1. Luxurious bar set

Rattan Garden Furniture

Dining al fresco is a luxurious treat over the summer months. Outdoor seating is perfect for small gatherings where you can enjoy the afternoon sun with friends. Now with a round garden bar set, you can transport yourself, and your guests, off to bar on the water’s edge in the South of France.

Impress your guests with this quirky bar stool, let your guests settle into the day or relax after an evening’s meal with this formal yet casual dining setting. With an ice bucket as the centrepiece, your guests can fully enjoy the space of the bar stool, it is the perfect accompaniment for any regular social entertainers. Check out the Barbados Bar Set for garden inspiration.


2. Cosy hideaways

Rattan Garden Furniture

When the sun is at its peak and it is time to chill out in the midday sun, treat yourself to a fresh lunch, grab a gripping book, put your feet up and relax in style in a rattan daybed. When looking for a hideaway to add to your garden, look for styles and shapes that create a warm intimate space that you and your guests can really enjoy.

This super stylish daybed is the perfect place to chill out in chic style. This design is versatile for both social and private hideaways, the hand-woven tepee-style roof creates a cosy yet airy space, which is UV protected so you and your guests can still feel immersed in the outdoors.

When you’re looking for a private getaway, cosy up on the daybed mattress and scatter cushions then close the curtains for a secret escape. Browse the Belize Garden Set to find your cosy hideaway.


3. Hanging chair

Rattan Garden Furniture

Some garden enthusiasts say that their garden is the ideal place to sit back, reflect and plan their next steps. What a better place to engage in some blue sky thinking than on a hanging chair? Quirky in appearance but intimate in design, a hanging chair is a stylish addition to any modern garden.

Due to this chair’s particular shape, a furniture piece can easily become the centre point of a social area since its hand-woven rattan design reflects the sunlight at different points of the day. Depending on the position of the chair, it can create dynamic light space which changes throughout the day. Positioned amongst plants, within a conservatory or simply with other garden furniture, this quirky chair can transform a space.

The Trinidad Handing Chair’s flexible design is also a great conversation starter as it adds a playful aspect to your garden. The chair is a crowd pleaser amongst adults and children, so you can bet that your garden will be like no other.


4. Double up daybed

Rattan Garden Furniture

A daybed, a sofa, an entertainment space, or a centre meeting point?

If you’re looking for your garden to stand out this summer look for a daybed style that is incredibly versatile yet comfortable, with a shape that you can tailor to every social occasion. Some of the quirkier daybed styles keep your garden looking chic and clean when not in use, but also create a diverse social space when you’re ready to entertain.

This Saint Thomas Daybed is as relaxing as a sofa, and as spacious as a bed, making it the perfect place for a lazy afternoon. If you’re after a daybed to add to your conservatory a design, such as the Saint Thomas, doubles up as put-you-up for any unexpected guests that may stay the night after a garden party.

If you’re contemplating adding a unique rattan furniture piece to your home, a versatile daybed design is a worthy investment for many garden designs.

This large furniture addition is designed and built to stay outside all year round while maintaining its quality and sophisticated appearance. This means you can include it in your daily family activities or only use it for special occasions.

To find your next quirky garden furniture piece that follows this explosive trend, view our daybed collection.


These quirky garden furniture pieces will spruce up your garden and transform your space into a relaxing wonderland. Quirky additions add fun and personality so you can create a fabulous garden space that’s suited to your style.

When the summer is upon us, your garden will be fit and ready to become the home of the summer ready for family events, friendly BBQ’s, romantic breakfasts or an al fresco dinner party. As always, we love seeing your garden designs – tag us and share them with us on Twitter and Instagram!