It is widely believed that the kitchen is the heart of the home, but we believe the sofa is the most sociable. Amongst a hectic modern family life, the sofa is one of the only places in the home where the family comes together to enjoy each other’s company, relax and unwind.

So, nailing comfort and luxury is essential to ensure your family can stop and relax together after a long busy day. We’re here to lend a helping hand so you can find the right sofa for your living room. Here’s how to choose the best sofa style for your family home:



Before we mention style, we need to talk about material.

With a busy family home, you need to ensure you choose the right material so that you can get the most from the upholstery over the coming years. A sofa is a worthy home investment, but it doesn’t mean that a family home needs to sacrifice luxury and style for practicality. You simply need to find a durable material which works for you.



sofa styles for a family home

Some materials, such as leather, are much easier to clean than say fabric sofas. Leather also does not seep in mites and dust, making leather the ideal material for families who are sensitive to allergens.

With the right maintenance, leather sofas actually look better once they are well loved. This also means they have the potential to last for many years with the right care, so you can guarantee you’ll get your money’s worth. Leather sofas are the perfect accompaniment for families looking for practicality and quality.

It is worth bearing in mind that leather sofas generally have a higher price point than their fabric cousins, so if you are looking for a sofa to fit your family for only a couple of years to come, fabric sofas may be better suited to your family’s needs. However, there are many great value leather sofas around so it’s worth looking into.



sofa styles for a family home

Fabric sofas are commonly thought to be much comfier than leather sofas. Fabric sofas are cosier, plumper and softer making them the perfect place to cuddle up with your loved ones. Fabric sofas also come in a huge range of styles, designs, colours and sizes which means you can be rest assured that you’ll be able to find the design that complements your living room! Velvet is set to be a huge fabric trend this year, especially in a regal or royal blue, check out this beautiful Park Avenue sofa collection for some glamorous velvet inspiration!

Compared to leather sofas, fabric sofas are much more difficult to clean and maintain. Ideally, your sofa needs to be hoovered and cleaned once a week to minimise the number of allergens within the sofa. It is also harder to prevent and remove stains, since the fabric will absorb any liquid materials. Thankfully, at Fishpools we offer Guardsman fabric cover so caring for your fabric sofa needn’t be any more stressful than looking after a leather one.


Deciding on the best material for your family sofa comes down to a few elements; price, comfort and durability. Both of these materials make for an ideal family sofa, so choose the most appropriate material for your family’s lifestyle.



Next, it’s time to think about colour. Material, colour, size and shape all combine to make a sofa style, hence it is important that you cover all bases and carefully consider each aspect before making your decision.

Any colour sofa can be integrated into your space as long as it compliments other colours within your living room. A sofa is a large furniture piece so contemplate how the colour will have an effect on the atmosphere in the room. Neutral coloured sofas can quietly compliment the space while maintaining light in the room, whereas dark sofas can make the room feel smaller, yet they are easier to maintain and remove stains.



Comfort is at the fore front of many living rooms. It is the place where every family member stops and takes time to enjoy the surrounding space. The sofa is the foundation of that space, so you want to ensure your sofa is a place that everyone can enjoy.

sofa styles for a family home

If you have the space for a four-seater sofa, this slightly larger shape is perfect for comfortably fitting mum, dad and the children. These design shapes also mean that all of the family are sat together, which is great for a young family with toddlers who may want to be close to both mum and dad.

sofa styles for a family home

If you are a growing family, take a look at some modular sofa collections, like corner sofas. These versatile ranges are customisable to your needs, so as you watch your family grow, your sofa can expand too. There are also optional add ones that you can include with your corner sofa, such as footstools. Check out our corner sofa collection.

sofa styles for a family home

Alternatively, if you regularly have family members come to stay a sofa bed provides an extra sleeping space for your guests without sacrificing style and appearance. Explore our sofa bed range to see if there’s a style suited to your needs.

If you are a household with teenagers, a couple of smaller sized sofas can create an ideal independent space in your living room. This means that both the parents and teenage children can have their individual space, whilst spending quality time together in one room. The compact collections also come in handy if you have grandparents that regularly visit, since smaller chairs offer greater support which can aid back pain or stability issues. Browse the sofa collection.


Extra touches

sofa styles for a family home

A family sofa should ooze comfort yet be practical for your family’s needs.  So, once you have decided on the right sofa design, turn your attention to sofa accessories such as scatter cushions and throws. These accessories create a warm pulled-together look, which is perfect for turning a house into a home. Ensure that your finishing touches add a pop of colour and personality to your space, as well as ensuring they coordinate with your living room décor. See how sofa accessories can best brighten your living room.


The living room is the most sociable place in the house, not just for your family but for guests too. With these tips you can confidently find the best sofa style to fit your family home. If you have any questions about which sofa style is best for you, please don’t hesitate to get in touch or share your living room interiors with us on Twitter and Instagram!