Fight the minimalist sea of white interiors and go maxi! Think strong colours, bold patterns and excessive interiors. From furniture to accessories, walls to floors, there’s no corner of your home that can’t be transformed with a huge splash of Maximalism. We’ve picked out a few of our favourite maximalist products to help get you started.

Trend Alert: Maximalism 1

The Aldwych sofa packs a punch of sumptuous yellow velvet. Yellow may not seem like the easiest colour to work with but remember this whole trend is about taking crazy colours and patterns and making them work together. The blue scatter cushions are great for introducing a more grounded colour to this scheme, without betraying the bright feel of the yellow.

If yellow really isn’t for you, try our Cirrus collection for gorgeous jewelled tones instead. Pair with the Irina Heather cushion and the Royal Velvet Large Green cushion to hold on to the maximalist feeling.

Trend Alert: Maximalism 2

Big, bold patterns are the order of the day with this trend. Whether floral, like the Doyenne collection by Harlequin, or something more geometric, wallpaper is a huge part of nailing the Maximalism look. Here, the blues and yellows complement the Aldwych perfectly but the busy pattern stops the look feeling too cohesive. Remember, there are no rules with this look so forget everything you think you know about putting interiors together!

Trend Alert: Maximalism 3

For a look with more of a clash, the Jamila collection by Sanderson could be just what you’re looking for. Fun patterns, added colour and a sense of rule-less discovery. The fuchsia pattern would work great to add a sense of reckless abandon to the Cirrus.

Trend Alert: Maximalism 4

Lose yourself in the swirling vortex of our Celestial Wave Rug. With a rainbow of colours worked into it, it’s sure to match with all your wildest maximalist dreams. Incorporating both warmth and coolness, it’s a juxtaposition of colours and details that’ll transform your floors.


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