January is all about self-care – don’t let your resolutions and good intentions slip as February rolls through. With World Yoga Day (22nd February) just around the corner, why not create a tranquil oasis in your home – one that is the perfect sanctuary from life’s more frantic moments. Take your cues – and champion your inner zen – with our edit.Beaumont MirrorThroughout winter it’s vital that we can enhance the little natural light we have coming into our homes. There’s no better way to do this than with a fine mirror, and our Beaumont Mirror is just the ticket. It’s the perfect way to create the illusion of increased space and reflects natural light throughout your home – giving off a wonderfully natural aura in the process.Zanzibar Round Stool GreyA sense of calm calls for tactile and earthy textures. Continue your zen state with the help of our  Zanzibar Round Bobbin Stoolside Table. It’s exactly what’s called for as spring approaches and you reacquaint yourself with nature – each piece is crafted from reclaimed wood and therefore unique.Derwent Sunset LakesIf you’re looking to make a statement while also evoking a sense of peace and tranquillity, opt for our Derwent Lakes at Sunset Picture. The mesmerising blue and red landscape is reflected by the glass-like lake setting, creating a truly stunning piece that’s also a wonderful conversation starter.White Phalaenopsis OrchidsEmbrace one of 2018’s hottest trends and invite some plush greenery into your home. Caring and tending to plants can be a chore to some, so why not opt for the next best thing: faux houseplants. Consider these wonderful White Orchids that come in an elegant transparent glass pot to really channel your inner zen this year.

Be inspired to invite some freshness and vibrancy into your home with our Trend Alert: Going Green feature.Aroma Diffuser Kharis BlueIf you’re looking to bring sensual fragrances into your home this year, consider the Kharis Aroma Diffuser from MadebyZen. With a simple press of a button and a few drops of essential oil, you’ll be able to release your favourite aroma, soothe your senses and unwind from life’s hectic moments. So, turn down the lights this month, light some candles, put your feet up and be soothed by the diffusers colour changing mood light.Calm Aromatherapy OilOur diffuser wouldn’t be complete without your favourite essential oil. If you’re looking for inspiration, how about the Aromatherapy Calm Essential Oil from MadeByZen. Crafted from the highest quality ingredients, the calming aura will evoke lasting ambience and serenity.

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