Bring vitality and freshness to your interiors with a green makeover. With the Christmas decorations all but put away, your home will be screaming for a new look and green is a beautifully vibrant scheme to work with. There’s a huge range of shades and hues to work with, meaning there’s bound to be something for everyone. Take a look at our top green picks and get started on your transformation.

Going Green 1

If you feel colour blocking your walls with green paint might be a bit much for your taste, consider nature-inspired wallpaper. The Chaconia collection by Harlequin features this pretty foliage pattern that’ll introduce this beautiful shade to your space without overpowering.

Going Green 2

If you’d rather something dramatic and atmospheric, consider Montreal by Morris & Co. The deep jade colouring of this paper makes a wonderful statement when paired with dark accents to create a bold interior.

Going Green 3

Keeping with the moody theme, our gorgeous Shoreditch snuggler in Lavish Emerald combines this trend with the texture of the moment, velvet. This versatile piece can be dressed up for an opulent look, or incorporated into a rustic theme.

Going Green 4

For a hint of foresty colour, our Squiggle rug in Green evokes a sense of the great outdoors, but with all your home comforts still close by! Pair with rich earthy colours for full effect and add a hint of copper if you’re feeling adventurous.

Going Green 5

If the idea of large swathes of green in your home fills you with unease, consider a subtle nod to the trend with this Garden Gem bed linen by Ted Baker. Still inspired by nature, the hue of the leaves is broken up by beautiful yellow flowers, which is the ideal colour pairing.

Going Green 6

Of course, the obvious way of getting some green into your home is with greenery itself. Unless you’re a green-fingered wiz, opt for faux plants like our gorgeous Yucca plant that comes in a very on trend concrete pot.


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