As chilly autumn rolls full steam ahead into winter, it’s a given that we’ll be hiding our feet away while the temperature plummets. Indoors, however, is a different story. In the right conditions, your home can be a haven from the harsh outdoors. So why not set your feet free and ensure your toes are kept toasty through to spring?


Don’t take your happy feet for granted. Our long-established credentials in hardwood flooring, carpets, rugs and recliner chairs will help you transform your space into a domestic sanctuary for your feet.

Roll out the (red) carpet


Just because it’s cold outside doesn’t mean you can’t liberate your feet indoors. Carpets are the perfect partner for your toes and a failsafe way of keeping feet pampered. Invest in carpeting crafted from loop pile for the softest underfoot feeling, while still being durable and hardwearing enough to last years. Our Romeo carpet is hewn from 100% luxurious wool and is versatile enough for the living room, bedroom and hallway.

As snug as a bug in a rug

Dolce Red

If a more measured approach is more your thing, go for a beautiful rug. Dial up the cosiness levels a few notches with our vivid red Dolce rug: be bold and layer it over a hardwood floor or neutral carpeting – the pop of colour should do all the talking. Before you know it, you’ll be abandoning the chunky socks for an evening of bare feet bliss.

Going to ground


For those floor purists out there, nothing beats a hardwood surface – even in winter. After all, they’re an incredibly sleek and stylish option, and will create a luxurious surface for your feet. Contrary to conventional wisdom they’re ideal for when the temperature drops – our TrendTime 1 bamboo chocolate engineered wood flooring works really well with underfloor heating. For extra warmth, throw down some strategically-placed rugs.


If walking around the house barefoot is your idea of bliss, turn to vinyl flooring like our Karndean Art Select Woods Parquet option. Also ideal for use with underfloor heating, this most practical of walking surfaces provides fantastic insulation, so is ideal for the colder months.

Put your feet up

Boutique Non-Buttoned Footstool

The outside may be playing havoc with your feet, so after a long day throw off the boots and put your feet up. This Accent footstool, with a stylish floral print and roomy proportions, won’t disappoint.

Spring Campaign Leg Comfort Original A4 Poster_Page_1_Image_0001

Leave space in your living area for the finishing touches. Invest in a recliner chair, such as our Bliss medium stressless chair with LegComfort battery. Designed to let you kick back and relax, the chair will see your happy feet through the season and beyond.  


If you’ve been inspired to buy a new carpet, rug or hardfloor, make sure to let us know and tag us in any pictures @FishpoolsUK.