The path to Christmas is peppered with delightful moments, and one of these is approaching rapidly: decorating the tree. How you deck out yours is, of course, a big decision, and likely to set the scene for the big day. So whether you’ve chosen to go down the traditional or contemporary route, we’ve put together a few notes that will make your look work.

TraditionalTraditional Beauty

 You can always rely on the timeless look to deliver the necessary festive feel, and our beautifully crafted decorations will point you in the right direction. Christmas exists for colour and you can’t get more festive than deep reds, glistening golds and pine-tree greens. Our Holly and Apple Pick Decoration is note-perfect, referencing the classic adornments of yesteryear. Anchor the vibrant tones with our Snow-effect Bauble, seen here in gold, and remember when hanging baubles, start from inside out for maximum effect. And for a touch of playful charm, a few artfully located Nutcracker Candy Santas will do just the trick.


Dreaming of a white Christmas

If you’re pining for snow, our selection of white Christmas-worthy decorations are a failsafe option. Set the scene for a wintery look with silvers, greys and even frosty blues, such as our Winter Wonderland Bauble, and mix in a smattering of beautiful Glitter Feathers for that touch of effortless sophistication. Our Silver Reindeer deserves a mention too – if only for evoking childhood fantasies of approaching sleigh bells.


Free style

Trees can be an outlet for expression, so don’t be afraid to experiment with different styles. Variety is key and there’s no rule that says you must stick to one look completely. Add texture and richness to yours with our Gatsby Bauble – opt for a minimum of three to give your tree balance. Work in our Acrylic Beads to create depth and start from the top and work your way around the tree. And for that dramatic hit of old-school glamour, our Grand Glitter Bird will work wonders.


Whichever look you opt for, remember to pick a suitable location ideally near a plug socket, avoiding unsightly wires across the floor. If you have a real tree, remember to place it away from heat, so it doesn’t dry out prematurely. Feeling inspired? Share your creations with us on social media at @FishpoolsUK.