Most of us don’t think too deeply when it comes to the lighting in our homes, making it possibly the most overlooked element of interior design. However, the difference some well thought out lights can make is astounding and it’s worth taking the time to consider what your needs are, especially if you’re in the process of redecorating. Our Interior Design department have put together this guide to help make selecting your lights as easy as possible.

Lighting falls in to one of three categories: General, Task and Accent.

Toga Lighting

General is the main lighting in a room and ensures that everything can be seen sufficiently. Ceiling lights will generally fill this role. This gorgeous Toga light comes in a great arm style that ensures light is directed into every area of the room.

Ashworth Table Lamp

Task lighting provides targeted lighting to makes things like cooking or hobbies easier. Spotlights and adjustable lamps are often favoured for this, such as the sleek Ashworth table lamp.

Hudson Table Lamps

Accent lighting is focused on creating an ambience in a room. Whether that be from highlighting specific areas or through warm mood lighting, this is where table and floor lamps can come into their own. A couple of Hudson table lamps can transform a console table for the perfect accent light.


Living Room

This is an area that can benefit from multiple levels of lighting. General lighting for everyday tasks could come from a ceiling light such as our Ambassador chandelier, although wall lights can work too. Placing table and floor lamps in strategic points around the room will give you extra light if needed, such as for reading, or to give softer light in the evenings. A dimmer switch is key here too!

Isla Ceiling Light

Dining Room

The dining room is a space that is likely to be all about the mood lighting. Hang a ceiling light centrally over your dining table just above head height, such as our Isla ceiling pendant (it’s an in store exclusive!). This lets people see what’s on the table without blocking anyone’s view. A dimmer switch will allow you to lower the brightness level to ensure a cosier atmosphere and floor and table lamps positioned around the room can be handy when things are winding down.



This is all about the task lighting. Food preparation areas, the hob, oven, sink and fridge all require a high level of visibility so spotlights or directional lights over these areas are often your best bet. Our Tower pendant can provide focused illumination with style. Make sure other areas like cupboards are sufficiently lit too, perhaps with the aid of additional lighting. If you have a dining/breakfast area in your kitchen, treat this as a separate entity, following the guide for dining rooms.

Porter Lit


Similar to your living room, you’ll want multiple styles of lights here to make the most of it. General lighting will allow you to get dressed, change the bed and other everyday tasks. Bedside lamps, like our gorgeous Porter table lamp, are a must for creating a relaxing atmosphere or a spot of reading before bed. If you have a dressing table or similar, a bright task light can make things such as make up application much easier.



Main overhead lighting, either from a single light or multiple spotlights should illuminate the room enough to make everything visible. An extra light over the mirror like our Pamper LED light, or even an illuminated mirror, provides extra visibility where needed. Always make sure bathroom lights are safe and specifically designed for the environment – look for lights that are IP44 rated as a minimum.


You can see everything in our wonderful store, both in our recently refurbished Lighting Department and in room sets around the store. If you’re unsure about the best choices for your space, our experts are on hand to offer advice and guidance, so pop in store or give them a call!