A new, colder, season is upon us so we’re busy putting together the key interior looks, trends and tips for Autumn 2017. Our cool Urban habitat competes in the style stakes with the glitz and glamour of our Luxe living lifestyle. Maybe you’re feeling a little Playful, or need the peace and tranquillity of our soft Heavenly style or sophisticated Boutique concepts. So, whether you’re a dapper single or an empty nester, a first-time buyer or a happy family, pop into Fishpools to see our new autumn trends, inspired by you.

Urban Autumn Trends


Good urban interior design gives city dwelling, career focused individuals a haven to refresh and relax at the end of a long day. The image of laid-back cool, this is the natural habitat of the dapper single. Spruced and smart, this well-dressed urbanite is always neat, tidy and beautifully tailored. Emulate their style with clean lines and smooth surfaces with minimal adornment. Think neutral tones and warm woods mixed with clear glass, stainless steel, nickel and chrome. Add shots of colour on a feature wall, a striking rug or a stunning piece of art.

Luxe Autumn Trends


We’re in the mood for a little luxe in a relaxed yet fabulous way. Modern luxe is not stuffy or overdone, rather has just the right amount of glamour mixed with a dose of comfort. Think seriously sumptuous fabrics with opulent lighting, mirrored accents and contemporary materials in traditional patterns. It’s all in the decadent details, so get glitzy and elevate your home to the next level of gorgeousness!  And don’t worry, if you’ve got champagne tastes with a cava budget, our collections offer glitz and glamour at every price level.

Heavenly Autumn Trends


In these erratic times it’s increasingly difficult to find tranquillity and relaxation in our lives. So, it’s important to create a haven of peace for your family at home. Enter the spiritual world of our heavenly aesthetic with a soft, eclectic touch. Think soft carpets, plush furniture, crisp bed linen and plump cushions. Pastel paints, mirrored finishes and upholstered bedsteads in celestial colours are key. Mix things up and add visual interest with darker vivid accents, while remaining true to this calm style. So put on your PJs and float off on an otherworldly cloud.

Playful Autumn Trends


You may not be fearless or crazily artistic, but being playful with your home will help it to stand out from the crowd.  Why go neutral when you can live in Technicolor? Think wild wallpapers and furniture in primary colours (purple wardrobes – why not?) Maybe bright bed linen, vivid scatter cushions or bold wall art is more in you comfort zone. Or simply indulge your inner child with a quirky robot accent piece. So, if you’re young and decorating for the first time, or simply young at heart, indulge in a little whimsy and create your own colourful wonderland with our autumn trends.

Boutique Autumn Trends


Have the kids flown home? Why not see your empty nest as a great opportunity? Time to be little selfish. Mark the occasion, buy that piece of art you’ve longed for, a statement piece of furniture, or go mad and think major makeover! Step back and rethink how you want to live. If your living room has been a teenage hangout for far too long, claim it back and create a bit of boutique-chic in place of Game Boy grime. That no-go bedroom can become a haven of sophisticated style for the visitors you’ll have the room (and the time) to invite over. So, enjoy your newfound silence and sense of wellbeing, after all it won’t be long until the family finds its way back!


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