Although the general rule is bigger is better, sometimes space and other needs have to be prioritised (even though a room that’s nothing but bed does sound amazing!). So if you don’t realistically have space for a super king, or even just don’t need that big a bed, how do you know what size is right for you?

Nicola Ottoman King Size

Firstly, think about how many people will regularly use the bed. Is it just you or do you wake up most mornings to find the entire family moved in, dog and all, whilst you were asleep? More people obviously means a bigger bed and should definitely be the priority in your bedroom. A handy ottoman such as our Nicola range minimises the impact of the lost floor space with extra storage instead.

Persia King Size Bed with Palladium

If it’s all about you, you may want to think twice before investing in that super king size. Although it’s important to have lots of space, make sure it won’t be a chore getting out of your bed in the middle of the night. For most people, a double or a king will provide you with enough space to spread out and enjoy a good night’s sleep. Our Persia bed frame will add instant luxury to your bedroom.

Which size is best for you?

If you want to create extra space to upgrade your bed size, investing in some clever furniture can make this a reality. Sliding wardrobes are great for tight spaces as there’s no need for room for the doors to open outwards. Our Aurora range comes in a range of sizes, for even the smallest of spaces. Take a look at our blog post here for more space saving furniture ideas.

Broxbourne Lux Size Double

Don’t forget that young children don’t benefit from too much space either! Too big a bed can encourage them to roll around which can lead to nasty bumps and bruises if they fall off the edge. Start off with a small single when they’re toddlers and gradually increase in size – small doubles can be great for teenagers, offering more space without taking over the bedroom. Our Broxbourne Supreme Lux divan set comes with a variety of storage solutions too.


If you’re nearly ready to take the plunge and buy a new bed, be sure to stop by our Beds Department and talk to our friendly, knowledgeable experts first.